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70% guys? 70%?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And you idiots gave La La Land a 93%??? ARE YOU SERIOUS????

Ladies and gentlemen...I present to you...LA LA LAND DONE RIGHT!!!!

Beauty and the Beast was one of the most popular Disney Films in the 90s. We all know how people who grew up in the 90s react to live-action remakes. (Nitpicks O' Plenty FTW, or their nostalgia was ruined). They usually say that movies that ever-so-slightly change their nostalgia will suck and everything about said remakes will suck. I'll say this: Get this mindset out of your head. Just because they made a live-action remake of a very popular animated movie doesn't mean it will suck. In fact, this remake was one of the best movies that I've seen all year.

Plot Synopsis

The story here is very similar to the original story. Belle (Emma Watson), a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by a beast (Dan Stevens) in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle's enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast's hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside. This story is very harmless and very safe, but that's okay because it's a remake and it works quite well.

The Scenery

I don't know what it is about Disney and their movies, but they always seem to impress me with their visual style and special effects. When Belle puts on her iconic dress from the original movie, I loved the scenes where decorations were put onto the dress by Garderobe. The scene with the best and most vibrant effects, however, was the "Be Our Guest" scene. All of the beautiful colors who were taking turns in the spotlight were very vibrant and eye catching. Every setting in this movie had perfect colors for what each was supposed to be. The castle starts off looking dark, abandoned, and somewhat haunted, but eventually the colors and the vibrancy start appearing as the movie progresses.

The characters also had this wonderful style to them. Cogsworth the clock and Lumière the candle in particular looked fantastic with their shiny golden color schemes and cartoony little features. Belle obviously looked beautiful, as she was portrayed by Emma Watson, one of my favorite actors, with her vibrant clothing and The only character that I thought looked pretty stupid was The Beast. His design was quite atrocious and cheesy to me. He looked like a distorted human with tons of hair and horns.

The Music

The music was the true star of the show here. The singers were actually able to sing this time around and gave off very convincing, stellar performances. I personally thought Emma Watson did a great job singing, and this is coming from someone who has been told that he has perfect pitch by many different music teachers. My favorite singer in the movie, however, was The Beast. He had a very deep, powerful voice, and it really worked for a Disney Love Story Film. As for the songs, "Be Our Guest" is still an amazing and memorable part of the movie. The singing was stellar, the special effects with the plates and the cutlery were awesome, and the lyrics were still very memorable. "Beauty and the Beast" was another great song. It is performed during the most iconic scene in the movie: The Dance. While the dance scene wasn't as great as it was in the original, the song was still really wonderful. The performance of "Gaston" was actually much better here than it was in the original film as well. There were also new songs in the movie that did a good job improving on the original.

Controversial Changes that Shouldn't be Controversial

People seem to complain about the changes that this film made from the original. In fact, lots of critic reviews I read were literally just nitpicking this movie's changes that the "flawless" original didn't have. Well...if these slight changes weren't thrown in, then what would the point of seeing this be? To see a beloved classic in live-action? Yeah, exactly. Anyways, I personally thought the changes here were actually somewhat beneficial. Sure, they don't make this version better than the original, but they did give some slight benefits.

One change that got lots of backlash was giving more insight on Belle's backstory and what happened to her mother. I really don't understand why people think that giving a character more depth and a heartfelt scene was such a huge sin. Wouldn't giving a character more depth be a BENEFIT to the movie? This can tell us more about the character we knew and loved from the 90s. In fear of spoiling the movie, I won't say much about this scene other than you'll feel emotional and you'll love the relationship between Belle and The Beast here.

Another controversial change was making LeFou gay and making some of the couples black and white. My response to this would be: Get off the Internet you homophobic and racist pricks. Why are these little tweaks such big cons for this movie? Because they "attack your nostalgia in severe, horrific ways"? No, they're just there to make everyone equal. I personally didn't get affected by these tweaks at all and I couldn't care less *throws nostalgic glasses in the trash*.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

Overall, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is a very colorful, emotional, charming, and vibrant Disney Film you won't soon forget. I know that other critics have been very harsh with this film, but that's probably because they were 90s children, so they nitpick to show us that they're nostalgically biased. If you took off your nostalgic glasses, you'd probably have a good time with this. My recommendation would be to see this movie if you are a fan of Disney or a fan of the original. Young kids from ages 1-9 shouldn't see this movie because of the wolf scenes and the Beast possibly being scary, but anyone else should be safe here. If you liked 2016's The Jungle Book, then you'll probably enjoy this as well. Have fun!

8 -- Great (The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast was an impressive effort that had a few noticeable problems holding it back. Proven by the Rotten Tomatoes Rating, this movie definitely won't astound everyone, but I personally think it is worth your time and cash.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 70% (6.7/10), 86% of Audiences Liked It (4.2/5)🍅

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Great review. I really don't get why people hate this movie. Beauty and the Beast (1991) is one of my favorite movies, and I really enjoyed this one. It is a little too long, but still worth the theatre experience. - Elric-san

By the way, what similarities do this and La La Land have? (Just asking because I haven't seen the latter yet, so I was curious). - Elric-san

Both are musicals. That's why I said that - DCfnaf

Got it. - Elric-san

For me, the movie was "meh", but great review! Glad you liked the movie! I'm thinking about watching it again next week. - MegaSoulhero

I read your review. And you're gonna see it again? Can I ask why if you thought the movie was meh? - DCfnaf

Sometimes my opinions on movies change after watching a second time. - MegaSoulhero

That's very interesting. Go for it then. Anyways, I like your content and your lists. Very HQ. - DCfnaf

Great review. This movie is amazing. Nostalgiatards suck. - visitor

Truer words have not been spoken. - DCfnaf

I heard the CGI was bad, what do you think? - TristGamer

Erm...I don't know what to say about the CG. The "Be Our Guest" scene was very colorful and awesome in my opinion, but the CGI for the enchantress as well as Garderobe and The Piano were questionable. - DCfnaf

Awesome! - VideoGamefan5

Great review. - visitor

Beauty in the Beast is a poorly thought out story. Anachronisms made to score political points do take me out of a historical fiction. The fact that this is a musical doesn't make the comparison between it and La La Land anymore relevant than saying that E.T. is Shindler's list done right because they're Spielbergian dramas. - visitor

I honestly don't like this review because of how quickly I crapped it out, so I apologize if there are issues. - DCfnaf

Actually, Beauty and the Beast and La La Land have quite some stuff in common. However, you can't compare E.T. and Schindler's List because they're two completely different movies. One is meant to be a kids movie about an alien who meets a young boy, yet it is stupid comparing it to Schindler's List because Schindler is about the Holocaust - visitor

Good review! I'm glad this new remake is not going to be so bashed by nostalgitards. - DaisyandRosalina

There are some bashers, but let's just be happy of the colorful visuals. - DCfnaf

"Another controversial change was making LeFou gay and making some of the couples black and white. My response to this would be: Get off the Internet you homophobic and racist pricks. Why are these little tweaks such big cons for this movie? Because they "attack your nostalgia in severe, horrific ways"? No, they're just there to make everyone equal."

Well, the thing is that it's not very realistic in terms of the times... - djpenquin999

It's still nitpicking their nostalgia. I don't like that it's politically correct but does that really make the movie itself a bad movie? - DCfnaf

"Please respect my opinion"

"You idiots gave La La Land a 93%"

Jeez, hypocrite much? - ProPanda

That was meant to be a joke, but again, I hate this review. I rushed it because school was more important.

That is hypocritical. 😞 - DCfnaf

Throwback to when I criticized your every move - ProPanda

Good times to laugh back at, amirite? - DCfnaf

Eh personally I found it unsatisfying but if you like it that's fine. If you want to see the more extensive version you can look at my profile page to find my own review or just look at my review link down below:
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I respect your opinion, I know that there are intense haters of this movie. - DCfnaf

Yeah but that's mainly online critics though. - Anonymousxcxc

Unpopular opinion: This movie wasn't good (yeah, I agree with MegaSoulhero) - visitor

It's not unpopular, it's Number 3 on worst 2017 movies. - DCfnaf

I noticed that recently but my point is that it seems to be pretty polarizing as it's one of those "love it or hate it" movies and I just really disliked that they turned it into a live-action movie, and this is coming from someone who didn't even believe the animated version to be the best movie of 1991 - visitor

To be honest, the live action remake was pretty good, especially in 3D. - Powerfulgirl10

I Personally LOVED This Movie - JPK

Great rant! I agree with you on everything and this is the best Disney live-action remake I’ve ever seen. - Sunwhisker

I hated this movie, I agree with MegaSoulhero - iliekpiez

This movie sucked in my eyes - iliekpiez