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When I was a child, I would always make fun of the cheesy and fairly annoying Power Rangers TV shows. The costumes of the villains were always horrendous to me and the shows were always so formulaic. Oh, look! A stupid adolescent in a cheesy costume is fighting a monster who is clearly just some silly person in disguise. Oh, now it got BIG! Time to get out the Megazord and make the monster disappear with an abysmal explosion effect! That's not ridiculously formulaic and fake at all! So I always made fun of the series because of this. When I saw the trailer for the Power Rangers movie, I was a bit skeptical. Since I already thought the show was pandering garbage, why would I enjoy the pandering movie? However, I chose to give this a chance because I don't like making assumptions. Coming out of the theater, I have to say...it's a pandering film with big issues, but at least it was tolerable to sit though and it had some good moments.

Plot Synopsis

Power Rangers focuses on a group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, that harness their abilities in order to save the world. Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is the leading Red Ranger with Billy (RJ Cyler), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Zack (Ludi Lin), and Trini (Becky G) as his team of Rangers. After stealing the opposing sports team's mascot, Jason goes to detention and meets Billy and Kimberly. Afterwards, they all go to a restricted mountain of rocks so Billy can dig for minerals. Then, Trini and Zack enter the plot...for whatever reason...and they start to pick part of the mineral to get the glowing rocks inside. Once they get the glowing rocks, they escape before getting caught, and they get super strength. After that, they go back to the rock site and find an underground ship where they learn that they are the chosen five to be the new generation of Power Rangers. They are all destined to defeat the evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks).

I absolutely despise Chosen One plots. They always make the relatablility of the characters decrease because they're "SOOOOO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE!!!" 😒 Wouldn't you rather know someone who is relatable to you and goes through hardships that you have gone through yourself...or someone who is "the chosen one"? Yeah...I thought so.


I will admit that this movie was much better than the actual annoying TV shows. It had actual effort put into it and I liked that the tone was somewhat dark.

It had decently put-together action sequences. Of course, they weren't PERFECT, as some of them were just boring to watch, but the action sequences here definitely reminded me of those high quality Marvel Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the bright scenery, but the city is destroyed and people are panicking because of the cheesy looking villain running around. Power Rangers definitely wasn't as good as the MCU movies, but the inspired tone and action sequences do work in the movie's favor.

The acting was also pretty nice. It was the best acting I've ever seen, and some of the actors were awful, but Jason and Trini had pretty sweet acting. They acted like they were part of everything and that they had some depth. Billy and Zack were also really hilarious characters, with the former playing a very important role throughout the story. I will not go into any more depth about that role in fear of spoiling anything, but you will definitely enjoy Billy's character.


I don't really blame the professional critics for bashing this movie because I hated quite a lot of things this film presented.

The plot was moving way too quickly for my liking and there was way too much noise. The movie starts with Jason stealing the cow, then he gets caught by the cops and is yelled at by his dad. Then there's a rush to get a taser device off of Jason's leg. Then they are running away from the police after finding the rocks. I felt like the movie couldn't be still and sink on the moment enough, so it just left me with this noisy and fast-paced criminal movie just so kids watching wouldn't get bored.

There were also some really annoying characters. I felt like the designers and script-writers for Rita Repulsa, the movie's antagonist with possibly the dumbest name in existence, watched Suicide Squad and got their inspiration from The Enchantress. It's cool that you seemed inspired by another villain, but why would you pick one of the most pathetic villains of 2016?? The Enchantress and Rita both have poor dialogue and writing, cheesy hand motions, and awful designs. I understand that she was meant to be a silly and cheesy villain, but it really doesn't work in a movie with a somewhat serious tone and main characters who are adolescent screw-ups. Another character that really annoyed me was Kimberly. Her acting felt so fake and forced the entire way through. I could literally see the directors telling her to sound shocked and she does a piss poor job and trying to sound shocked. We also have Alpha 5 who was completely unnecessary on so many levels, mainly because he was annoying and most of his lines didn't matter. He was just there to be the "funny" robot assistant, but he was just annoying.

We also have the absolute worst CGI effects I have ever seen this year. Goldar, the giant golden monster that obeys Rita, looks absolutely HORRENDOUS. It looks like one of the CGI animators had the worst case of influenza on set, sneezed up a nose-full, and they called the blob of mucus that got expelled from their nose art. I'll tell you this, a puddle of mucus is not the equivalent to an animated CGI monster.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

I'd say Power Rangers is a movie to watch if you are a fan of the series. You will have a nice time if you like the series because the action sequences are very similar to the actual shows. There may be some curses and there is a bull penis shot (yes, this is true), but you can still bring your kids to enjoy it and I guarantee that they won't care at all (unless they're 12 year olds). As for people like me, who are just casual movie goers that aren't huge fans of Power Rangers, I'd say go ahead if you think it's interesting, but miss it if you don't. This is one of those movies where I feel like the choice is on you. If you have kids who enjoy the movie, definitely take them to see it. You may not have a good time, but they certainly will.

6 -- Alright (Power Rangers is slightly above average or simply inoffensive. Fans of the franchise should enjoy this film, as it’s certainly better than the actual show, but a fair few who don't know the series will probably be left unfulfilled.)

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Great review as you always do, man. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great review as always. I was never really a fan of the Power Rangers T.V. Shows. I thought they were lame and only existed to sell toys. - visitor

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It was just ridiculous. - DCfnaf

Imagine a Krispy Kreme donut being one of the monsters they fought. That would be so entertainingly stupid. - Elric-san

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This movie is pretty boring at times. Go see this if you want to, but since you don't, do not panic, you're missing nothing - DCfnaf

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