The Boss Baby Review

Hello, people of TheTopTens! Welcome to yet another Cartoonfan202 blog post. Today, I am going to make my first ever HQ blog post movie review! I am going to review the brand new film, The Boss Baby

1. The Animation
Dear God, is the animation creepy. Keep in mind that this film is made by Dreamworks, who, according to the YouTuber Saberspark, can't seem to find its own identity and has films that are garbage like Shark Tale, mixed bags like Bee Movie (yep thats my honest opinion on the film. It's great for memes though.), and rare gems such as Rise of the Guardians. Now I'm going to compare the Boss Baby's animation to ST, BM, and ROTG. Shark Tale had absolutely horrendous animation and hideous character designs. Bee Movie was better, but the character designs were weird, and all the humans in this film looked like plastic. Rise of the Guardians was the best. It had breathtaking, realistic looking animation and stunning visuals.

The Boss Baby, on the other hand, was very unsettling. The animation itself wasn't all that bad. The characters seemed cuddly, and their hair was animated well. But the character designs......Boss Baby had an okay design, but Tim had extremely huge eyes that looked creepy and very prominent eyelashes that made me cringe. And thats not all. The other babies in the movie had unsettling designs, the chubby one was the worst. And don't even get me started on the parents! They look just plain weird.

2. The Characters
Once again, I am going to compare the Boss Baby's characters to the characters from Shark Tale, Bee Movie, and Rise of the Guardians. Shark Tale's characters were full of stereotypes. The main character is a unlikable arsehole named Oscar who has a big ego and is a liar. And apparently HE'S the character we're supposed to sympathize with and root for to win in the end. Now lets talk about Bee Movie's characters. Bee Movie's characters were a bit more likable, but just plain stupid. Barry isn't that bad, but Vanessa, ooh boy. Vanessa leaves her boyfriend named Ken to be with AN INSECT. And yet almost no one bats an eye at this (well, except for the bees). Ken was the only normal character in the film. In Rise of the Guardians, the characters were likable, relatable, charming, and well-thought out. Jack Frost had tons of character development throughout the film. Now lets talk about the Boss Baby's characters.

The main character, Tim, is obviously very jealous of his new baby brother. The writers of this movie expected us to relate to and root for Tim during the movie. Since many people who have had little siblings have obviously been jealous of them some time or another. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't root for Tim, I get that he's like 7 years old, but he is very unlikable and selfish. He tries to get rid of his brother ALL THE TIME. The Boss Baby is an immature, sometimes greedy businessman. Who does that sound like? You guessed it -- Donald Trump. He's supposed to be funny, but I just found him very self-centered and I did not laugh at most of toilet jokes, but the ones aimed at adults were ok I guess. Boss Baby's assistants are all brown children who have to kiss his arse to get ahead. The parents aren't that much better, they're the stereotypical idiotic parents who like to embarrass their children.

3. The Plot
Once again, I'm going to compare the plot of The Boss Baby to the plots of Shark Tale, Bee Movie, and Rise of the Guardians. Shark Tale tells the story of a young fish named Oscar who falsely claims to have killed the son of a shark mob boss to advance his own community standing. That kind of plot is incredibly, incredibly cliche and overused. It also kind of doesn't set a good example for younger viewers, who were in the target demographic for this movie. Bee Movie follows Barry B. Benson, a honey bee who sues the human race for exploiting bees after learning from his florist friend Vanessa that humans sell and consume honey. Bee Movie has a slightly better plot, but its still very weird and might be too confusing for younger viewers. Rise of the Guardians tells a story about Guardians Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman, who enlist Jack Frost to stop Pitch Black from engulfing the world in darkness. Using icons that younger children are familiar with such as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and having a plot that anyone can understand makes this film succeed.

The Boss Baby follows a baby who is a secret agent in the secret war between babies and puppies. That plot is simple enough for younger viewers to understand, but the problem is, it sounds like a decent-enough premise in theory, but the execution is just the opposite of that. Tim Templeton's parents bring home a baby - a baby that can talk and is working for a secret organization run by babies called Baby Corp. Of course, Tim is jealous of all the attention that BB (lets just call him that for now) is getting and tries to get rid of him by exposing the fact that BB can talk. But with no evidence to support him, Tim gets grounded. I don't want to write about the rest of the plot, but you can read about it here:
Okay, so the plot is decent enough for younger viewers to understand. But it feels pandering to the youths and has a mean spirited undertone. Why? Baby Corp is trying to get rid of puppies, which feels like a BIG middle finger to Dog Lovers. If you're a Dog Lover, then you're better off not watching this movie. Due to this movie being about babies, expect PLENTY of poop and diaper jokes everywhere, as well as cleverly hidden adult jokes.

Decent enough animation
Adult jokes
At least everything turns out okay in the end

Terrifying character designs
Toilet Humor
Hatred against dogs

I give this movie a 4/10. The Boss Baby has a unique concept, but the execution turns out to be the opposite of that. At least this movie is better than Shark Tale, but worse than Bee Movie and Rise of the Guardians. Avoid this movie if you like dogs. Watch this movie for the adult jokes hidden here and there.

This is Cartoonfan202, signing off for now.



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