Movie Review - Baby Driver

MegaSoulhero Baby Driver is a movie written and directed by Edgar Wright and stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, and the woman who ruined Cinderella, Lily James. Edgar Wright has made some pretty great films! My favorite being Hot Fuzz. It's safe to say that they guy has never made a bad film. And Baby Driver definitely doesn't disappoint!

It's about a partially deaf kid named Baby who is a getaway driver for a group of criminals. He then meets a girl who works at a diner and tries to get out of being a criminal. This movie involves a lot of car chases, stunts, and gun fights. And it all looks amazing! The car chases are all practical! They are done so great! Throughout these action scenes, it actually feels like the characters are in a real chase. And when there are characters that die, they actually look like real deaths. It feels like everything in the movie is actually real. And that's because most of it is! This is a combination of great stunt work and great acting! Ansel Elgort does a surprisingly great job! He does a perfect job at showing us the character's emotions! His character isn't a huge talker, but he is very likeable! The rest of the actors do great as well! I especially loved Jon Hamm's performance as Buddy! He makes us believe that he is an actual criminal! Each performance is very well done! There isn't a single moment that felt fake!

Just from the first scene of the movie, I was already hooked! It was such a great opening scene! There are movie that have car chases but are poorly edited and you can't really tell what's happening. But in this movie, you can perfectly see what is happening in a scene! Something that Edgar Wright movies do best is the editing! And the action scenes really show how much effort they put into the editing! The entire movie has such great camerawork! It almost puts us into the action! It's very fast-paced and has a lot of energy! There are also some easter eggs hidden in the film. For example, there's this one scene in which Baby is going through channels. And the lines of dialogue heard on the TV are actually used later in the film! I thought that was pretty clever. This isn't one of those movies where you can easily predict what's going to happen. I was actually surprised about what happened to be honest. That just makes the thrill so much more enjoyable! The song choices are brilliant! If you thought Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad were good... Oh wait, you didn't like Suicide Squad. If you thought Guardians of the Galaxy was good, the soundtrack in Baby Driver is absolutely perfect! The songs actually play an important role in the movie! If there was anything negative I had to say about the movie, it would have to be the romance between Baby and Debora. I find it to be very forced and uninteresting. Whenever the two characters are interacting with each other, I'm just wondering when the scene is gonna be over. But that didn't ruin the movie for me. Because like I said, the rest of the movie is awesome!

Baby Driver is an excellent combination of stunts, gun fights, music, and comedy! This is honestly the best movie involving car chases that I've seen in a while! The acting is perfect, the practical stunts are perfect! I had a blast watching it! And I highly suggest you see it too! Go see this instead of Transformers!

Score: 9/10


I would give it a 10 - visitor

I really want to see this movie since I love Edgar Wright's other works, especially Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. - cjWriter1997

Did you like the Soundtrack in Suicide squad? - VideoGamefan5

Yes. You got a problem with that? - MegaSoulhero

No. - VideoGamefan5

I loved the soundtrack. - DCfnaf

@MegaSoulhero, I asked, because you said, "oh wait, You Didn't like Suicide squad", either way I really disliked the soundtrack, I respect your opinion though - VideoGamefan5

My review is up right now. I would've given this a 10/10, no questions asked, and this is coming from someone who isn't the most generous while reviewing. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and effort to pull off what Baby Driver did. It's soundtrack was easily the best part because of how well it intertwined with the actual movie, the story was surprisingly great, the stunts are impressive, and it was thoroughly entertaining. Hands down the best movie of the year so far right next to Get Out, Logan, and The Lego Batman Movie. Nice review. - DCfnaf