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Captain Underpants is Dreamworks' latest movie to be released in theaters. It is based off of Dav Pilkey's franchise of books in which two boys, by the names of George and Harold, hypnotize their incredibly mean principal, Mr. Krupp, and turn him into Captain Underpants. I always thought that this idea would work very well for a film, so I was having high hopes for it. The only thing that could possibly worry me is that I was seeing right after the dreaded train wreck known as The Boss Baby. Thankfully, unlike The Boss Baby, this was actually a good movie.

The Story is Very Simple

Oddly enough, the simple story alone just...works. It doesn't try to pack too much into the plot. All it does is tell a story, one which involves two prankster friends and a grown man running around in his undergarments who have to prevent the expiration or extinction of laughter and happiness. The story also honors its source material, but it still tries to give you a reason to actually go and see the movie. Let's face it, if everything that happened in the first and fourth Captain Underpants Book occurred in the film, why would people spend their money on the film if they've already spent it on the books?

The simplicity of the story offers tons of possibilities to shove tons of Easter eggs from the books into the movie so long-time fans will be searching. Usually, this is a bad thing (looking at you, Rogue One and Suicide Squad), but considering that this still has a story being told as the Easter eggs show up, I am actually going to give it a pass.


The humor is usually the most important thing in an animated children's movie. This humor didn't excel in any real way, shape, or form, but kids will likely enjoy it. I'm glad it's not ALL just toilet humor like I was expecting. There is a lot of toilet humor to offer, such as the villains, but at least that's not the entire movie and at least it offers some other types such as marriage jokes, phone jokes, and even some random ones that make no sense, but make you chuckle anyway.


The second most important thing in a kids film besides the humor would definitely be the characters. These characters aren't anything special at all and feel very stereotypical, but they are silly, goofy, and ridiculous just like the movie. George and Harold are our protagonists who love switching around the letters on the billboards in front of the school, making inventions malfunction, making comic books, and trolling their principal. They have three rivals they have to deal with this time: Mr. Krupp, their mean and cruel principal who becomes Captain Underpants thanks to the 3D Hypno Ring, Melvin Sneedly, your nerdy suck up and tattletale, and Professor P, the weird new science teacher who seems to have a secret evil agenda.


Generally, I'd say simple animation is a sin for animated movies. It makes the experience very bland (Smurfs: The Lost Village). However, this film's simple animation actually works for it because it doesn't need to be anything further. The character designs are not very complex at all, but they are meant to look incredibly similar to the character designs in Dav Pilkey's books, which actually works quite well.

The movie also tries to make the experience feel fresh from beginning to end thanks to the brilliant experimentation with different animation styles. George and Harold's comics and drawings often show up throughout the film and the animators decided to present an animation style where the drawings appear as if they were drawn by children. This idea was clever because it allows us to get a glimpse of how creative and imaginative these two boys are, without making it visually dull. They also included sock puppets at one point, which was also a nice touch.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

Captain Underpants offers a very simple plot, pleasant animation, and absurd humor that references the books. It doesn't seem like the most original animated movie out there, but it is probably the best of the year so far, aside from The Lego Batman Movie. Parents will be rolling their eyes at this, but in a good way because the humor is absurd. I doubt they'll want to rip their own hair out with this one. People that are going to watch this for nostalgia purposes will not be let down with this one either thanks to the Easter Eggs from the stories. I'd say this is a film that is definitely worth checking out because it is one of those charming and lighthearted animated films that the entire family will enjoy in some capacity. As for me, I'm just glad that one of my favorite childhood stories was turned into a movie that is enjoyable and fun.

7 -- Good (Captain Underpants is a solid and enjoyable film. This is a title that definitely has an audience watching and kids will definitely have a fun time at it. You probably won't have any urge to rewatch it at all, but the experience is fun.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85% (6.8/10), 67% of Audiences Liked It (3.6/5)🍅

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