DCfnaf Movie Reviews: Baby Driver

DCfnaf WARNING: Some viewers may disagree with this review. If you do, PLEASE respect my opinion and let me know NICELY why you have yours. Thank you.

Baby Driver is the latest movie I have seen in theaters. It is...hold on. I'm stopping with the Mr. Professional stuff for a second. I'm just going to say it here immediately: GO OUT AND SEE THIS MOVIE. Hold off on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Hold off on Despicable M3. Hold off on Wonder Woman and War of the Planet of the Apes (okay, let's not get crazy cause those movies are also awesome...). THIS is what you should spend your money on. The soundtrack, the stunts, the story, JUST GO OUT AND SEE THIS IMMEDIATELY. I highly recommend this and this is a must see movie. SCORE! DONE! GOODBYE!!!

10 -- Flawless Victory (Ignore this, this a 1,000,000 out of 10, but this is as high as we can go. It is that fantastic! Wait...why this is not a real review?! DCfnaf you are supposed to show me AFTER you give a detailed explanation! Your audience clearly isn't convinced! DCfnaf? DCFNAF??? Oh! Good, he's coming back...)

What do you mean you're not convinced? Oh, because I didn't review this film properly? Well, shouldn't you be convinced by the fact that I gave it a perfect score? I barely ever give movies perfect scores! The only time I've done that in a full fledged review of a movie was The Lego Batman Movie! Ugh, you know what? I guess you'd appreciate a reason as to why this movie is a must-see. I'm extremely excited to go in depth with this anyway. Let's do it.

Anyways, if you couldn't tell just from my insane drug trip above, I think that this movie is beyond flawless. But here's the question: What makes this film so damn fantastic? Well, let me explain.

Plot Synopsis

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is an extremely talented getaway driver who works to pay off a debt owed to a crime boss (Kevin Spacey). He has some tinnitus due to a little car accident, so listening to his music while driving is a necessity. Baby then meets a waitress named Deborah (Lily James) who he gets really close to thanks to her similar taste in music. Baby's relationship with Deborah solidifies his desire to get out of the crime world, but he'll have to get past a team of criminals and his crime boss in order to do so. It won't be easy.

You'd be surprised at how much a simple plot like this one can awe you. This plot is simple enough to allow all of the necessities. Development of the characters, intense car chases and action, heavy dialogue, emotional backstories, and even some decent comedy to boot. Allowing enough room in script for all of these things makes for an amazing experience and shows some true effort. You can tell that this script had so much heart and soul poured into it because the story was incredibly well-written, the clever placement of the soundtrack was phenomenal (I will talk more about this very soon), and the personalities of these characters were incredibly well-done. Speaking of which:


Holy crap! These characters are fantastic! Each and every one of them had a wonderful actor that gave an amazing performance. Ansel Elgort portrays Baby, the protagonist of the movie. He's a fantastic main character because, despite his poker face, his raw emotion is there throughout all of it. He genuinely cares for the people he loves and proves that he will do anything in order to protect them no matter what. He also suffers legitimate consequences for some of his actions, though I won't go too in depth with that otherwise I'd spoil the whole film for you. (Basically everyone in the film goes through some form of consequence for their villainous actions). Deborah, Baby's love interest from the diner, is portrayed by Lily James. She actually does a pretty good job with the character. When the criminals walk into her diner at one point in the film, you can see the fear in her eyes but it doesn't feel overdramatic or cheesy. Next we have Kevin Spacey, who portrays our crime boss, and he basically just plays Kevin Spacey: A guy who usually has a poker face but is clearly a badass and intimidating dude anyway. Seriously, there's a point where he starts shooting people down and he doesn't even make a facial expression! I just loved this actor and character so much! Our two male antagonists, Bats and Buddy, who are portrayed by Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm respectively, are some of the best acting performances I have seen all year. They do exactly what a villain should do in a movie: FRIGHTEN the audience. Every time these two men showed up, I was legitimately terrified because their acting was so convincing. The intimidating demeanor and underlying anger these two men exude is extremely convincing and I actually felt anxiety as they pulled out their guns and started firing away. Eiza Gonzalez was a pretty cool female villain, though I wasn't as blown away with her as I was with the two men.

Based on all of my descriptions above, it's pretty clear that I thought the emotion felt very real and convincing the whole way through. The connection between Baby and Deborah, the anger in the eyes' of Buddy and Bats, Deborah's concern and anxiety, and even Baby's poker face that I talked about earlier are all well-acted and convincing. This was definitely a pleasant touch on what was already an awesome film to begin with.


I genuinely think this is WonkeyDude98's movie. I really do. Wonkey, if you are reading this, please go see this film. And if you aren't Wonkey and you're reading this...please go see this film.

This soundtrack is brilliant. It's not added in just for the hell of it and it's not just done to pander to specific audiences. It's done because it's so integral to the story that if it wasn't there, the movie would not be the same movie I watched in the theater. In Baby's room, we are exposed to a collection of remixes that he created all by himself. Basically what he does is secretly record a conversation with a little device, edits said recording to make it sound catchy and have a beat, and he plays it as if he's showing it to you, the audience. My favorite thing about the soundtrack, however, is the fact that the movie intertwined the soundtrack with the movie's events. This reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy in a way. A question to all of you gamers out there: Do any of you remember the King Kaliente boss fight from the Good Egg Galaxy? The way you defeated the boss was by punching the coconuts he spit out of his mouth right back at him. When you punched the coconut and when it hit the boss' head, a musical note would play. That is basically how the movie works. Let's say a light was changing from green to yellow to red. The beat and notes would coincide with the light changing. I LOVE THAT. It makes sure your eyes don't wander off to the opposite side of the theater because you really want to see what creative ideas the screen offers. You want to see if the beat coincides with bullets firing, with horns honking, with cars crashing, or even with speaking. Both of these ideas were absolutely fantastic and will keep you engaged.


The stunt-work (and camera work, not to mention) was wonderful to the point where I felt like everything in the movie was happening directly next to me. It was like I was part of what was going on and when a movie takes me into it that much, I'm delightfully surprised and astounded. These stunt doubles must've gone through some serious training and they seemed like they wanted to put their heart and soul into this movie's stunts. If that's not the case, I will be shocked in more ways than one because those stunts felt realistic. Even when a character dies (Yes, characters die), the deaths don't feel fake, forced, or unrealistic at all. This movie was just so realistic that I was invested in it right from the start and that was due partly to the stunts.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

Baby Driver is absolutely EVERYTHING that a movie should have. The soundtrack intertwining with the movie's events is just brilliant. The script is fantastic and well-written, from the story's events to the dialogue. The stunt-work is real and very entertaining to watch to the point where I felt like I was literally next to all of it. Everything about this movie is impressive and extremely hard to critique. In the end, I enjoyed Baby Driver way more than The Lego Batman Movie. I enjoyed Baby Driver way more than Get Out. Hell, I enjoyed Baby Driver more than I enjoyed LOGAN. The fact that I think this movie is better than Logan just shows how great of a year 2017 has been for movies. There is a 99.9999999999% chance that this movie will end up being my favorite movie of the year when I make my post titled "The Official DCfnaf Film Awards of 2017". (By the way, yes, this will be a post that is most likely coming in January of 2018. Be hyped.) Baby Driver is easily my favorite film of the year thus far and I hope that 2017 keeps impressing me. Now that you have read this thoroughly, I only have one request from all of you (yes, ALL of you): Please see this movie right now. No, I mean that LITERALLY. Get off of your couch and put your device down. Start up the car. Drive to the theater. Ask for Baby Driver tickets, sit the hell down, and don't miss out on a film experience that I guarantee you will love and remember for the rest of your life.

10 -- Flawless Victory (Baby Driver is honestly perfect in quality. Everything in this movie is of such phenomenal quality that I'm convinced that this year's Film Awards post will have this at the Number 1 spot. Brilliant stunt-work, entertaining car chases, a story packed with action and raw emotion, and a soundtrack that will have you pumped. This is going on my Best Movies of All Time remix too because it is THAT MUCH of a must-see.)

🍅 Rotten Tomatoes Score: 95% (8.1/10), 90% of Audiences Liked It (4.3/5) 🍅

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🎥 Next Movie Review 🎥 : Most likely War of the Planet of the Apes, but if it is not that, it will probably end up being Despicable M3.

What's Happening Guys, this is DCfnaf! I really hope you found this review useful. If you liked this, be sure to stick around for more HQ reviews, responses, and rants. See you next time!


Top 5 Best Movies of 2017 (as of July 20th)

1. Baby Driver
2. Get Out
3. Logan
4. The Lego Batman Movie
5. Wonder Woman

I hope you love this film as much as I did. I also hope you all are enjoying this year's movies as much as I am. - DCfnaf

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Making a guess that you gave it a 1/10 or a 0/10. - DCfnaf

@lolsy lemme guess -1/10 - AlphaQ

Emoji movie 10/10 - visitor

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You will change your mind once you see Dunkirk, and you should think about reviewing Get Out. - visitor

I've seen Get Out already and I think it's a 10/10 and I loved that movie's idea. But I still think this was even better than Get Out. - DCfnaf

I mean that when you first saw it you should have reviewed it. - visitor

No, Dunkirk will. - visitor

Your right. Only something like 4 movies I gave a F to. - visitor

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This movie is the best movie of the year. 11/10 - AlphaQ

You saw it? Haha, I told you it would be awesome! - DCfnaf

This became my favorite movie of the year (well I still need to see a couple movies) after I just watched it. It was badass! - Phillip873

I'm so mad that Kevin Spacey is in this, I agree with you and think that this is the best movie of 2017, but every time I see Kevin spacey I cringe, especially when he says "I was surprised by the balls on that kid". - judo8alex

I actually really liked Kevin Spacey. His poker face was priceless. - DCfnaf

I think he was referring to Kevin Spacey being a sexual predator since Spacey came under sexual misconduct allegations last year.

That "I was surprised by the balls on that kid." part seems Harsher in Hindsight now, doesn't it? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Obviously they didn't make him say that intentionally, therefore I have no problems with it. - DCfnaf

True, I can see it doesn't undermine Kevin Spacey as an actor. Though, it does undermine him as a person...

But hey, separate the art from the artist, am I right? I mean, Chris Savino made The Loud House, and while he's a sexual predator, The Loud House is still good regardless of the person who created, am I right? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You nailed it right on the head MSS. - DCfnaf

You guys think that the Loud House is good? Its just my opinion, but I'm not sure they should be calling that lame excuse for a show, well.. a "show" - judo8alex

I wasnt saying it was a bad performance, when it came out, I actually thought it was a great performance and it still is(the scene where he calls Baby out on the Monsters Inc quoting is priceless), but I'm just saying that due to all his sexual harassment and stuff, I just hate that he's in the movie and it ruins it for me just a little. Its good though since it will be one of his last roles. - judo8alex

I really like it, but the middle of the film is not very good, making it a 9/10 - iliekpiez