Movie Review - Kingsman: The Golden Circle

MegaSoulhero Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to one of my favorite movies of 2015! Kingsman: The Secret Service! I pretty much loved everything about that film! So I was really excited to see the sequel! And it was... okay.

In this movie, the Kingsman headquarters get destroyed. And there’s a villain who is poisoning people by putting a virus into drugs. So the Kingsman have to team up with a US spy organization known as the Statesman, who are all named after alcoholic drinks, to save the world. Let me start with the biggest problem of the movie. The story is really weak! And what I mean by that is it tries to cram in a lot of things! The movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes which is way longer than it needs to be! Some of the scenes tend to drag on for too long. There are some scenes that I felt like could’ve been cut out entirely! There were quite a few moments in the middle that were pretty boring. One thing I really love about the movie is the performances! Each actor does a pretty great job for what they need to do! It doesn’t feel like any of them were phoning it in! One of my favorite things about the first movie was the action. Golden Circle has some pretty great action as well! That opening scene was spectacular! It really got me excited! But the movie kind of went downhill from there. There’s a lot of CGI used in the movie and some editing choices that make the action scenes feel like they’re not actually happening. I know the first one did that. If you remember the church scene, that was very well done! But here, they use it so many times that it gets pretty annoying! Not necessarily bad, but they overuse it.

I really hated the villain of the film. She doesn’t seem very intimidating! Plus, her motivations are horrible! Some of the characters are very underused! Especially Channing Tatum! He was advertised quite a lot, but he barely even appears in the film and doesn’t really do much! Colin Firth returns in this movie. That’s not a spoiler. It was in the trailer. He does a really great job! He’s not as awesome as he was in the first movie, though. That’s mainly because the character had amnesia and lost his coordination. I thought that was pretty disappointing. The movie also kind has some of the same problems as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. One of them being TOO MANY JOKES! Golden Circle has quite a lot of jokes! The first film was mainly an action movie with occasional humor whereas this one felt like a straight up comedy! And not all of the jokes were very funny. And just like in Guardians 2, some of them come at the wrong times! Elton John’s in the movie by the way. When he first appears, I thought it was just gonna be a cameo, but no. He’s in the movie quite a lot! And he doesn’t really have much of a reason to be there! It’s just so the movie could have a famous singer in it! He had much more screen time than he deserved! I mean, wow! He was in it longer than Channing Tatum!

Overall, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was pretty disappointing. But that doesn’t make it a bad movie. The performances were great and some of the action, while not very well edited, were pretty entertaining. It’s one of those movies that you shouldn’t go into expecting to be blown away. If you liked the first Kingsman, you’ll find enjoyment in this one. But it’s definitely not as good as the first one.

Score: 6/10


Well from the trailer it looked like it was gonna be cool, but this review helps out the coolness factor that was the sheer disappointment. Like how I was with X-men Apocalypse great trailers, but felt it at a very disappointing film level. - htoutlaws2012

Disappointing. - visitor

It was pretty disappointing indeed. - Phillip873

I Give It A 3/4 In My Opinion - JPK

Out of 4? - judo8alex

Disappointing. But The Dark Tower was more disappointing. - iliekpiez