darthvadern's: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review

darthvadern In 2017 summer did the movie studio known as Noble Entertainment release the science fiction movie based on the french science fiction comics Valérian and Laureline. It was released in theathers July 21st in the United States, in France July 26th, and in Sweden August 2nd. The movie recieved mixed reviews from critics. It was some day in early July when me and my dad were thinking on watching a movie togheter at cinema, we had already seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and my dad found the trailers for this movie. I took my time and watched it, and we two planned to go see it August 7th, and here is my honest opnions and thoughts on the movie.

1. Plot/Synopsis:

The plot and overall idea of the movie was in my opinion just something really impressive, like something I couldn't even imagine! It's just such a good plot! The bad thing about the plot is that it is very complicated, it's definitly not a simple plot, but it was great still! In the 28th century in far space lies the space station Alpha known as the city of a thousand planets, you know it's like a space capital where humans and all kinds of aliens have came to share knowledge, intelligence and cultures with each others. But when a dark force from the center of Alpha threatens Alpha it is up to Mayor Valerian and Sergeant Laureline to identefy the threat for not only Alpha but for the future! Overall, an amazing plot!

2: Characters:

As for characters, we have humans and other aliens, as for humans, I can say that the main protanogists of the movie Valerian and Laureline are extremly unlikable and annoying, especially Valerian, he's a guy who never thinks beforehe acts and constantly flirts and annoys Laureline, I seriously despise Valerian, as for Laureline, she is unlikalbe, but more tolerable than Valerian, if there's one good thing about her, then it's how sexy she is, for the whole movie I was having a crush on her, but there was still one bad thing about her being sexy, beacuse I couldn't focus that much on the story beacuse she was too sexy, which annoyed me, but hey! She's better than Valerian by far! Next we have the Pearl People, the super beautiful people, they are crystal blue who lives on the beach planet Mül, they are the creators of these beautiful pearls, and the pearl people owns the colorful lizards, when you feed them one of these pearls, they open their belly (I think) and THOUSANDS of pearls falls down. I found the idea super creative, and I lvoed those lizards beacuse of their colorfulness and cuteness, they are so cute. We also have the three elephant-human like creatures, they all have very high intelligence, and one of them owns a third of all intelligence, if one of them dies,they lose a third of their intelligence, they were really funny and one of my favorite characters in the movie. Then, we have my least favorite character, Bubble, a spoiled human who ruined a huge part of the movie, she basicilly did the cringiest thing for like ten minutes, I'm not going to spoil, but I swear it's atrioucos. There are much more characters, and overall, it has both great characters and bad characters.

3: Special Effects:

If I had to choose a movie of 2017 that had the most beautiful, impressive, and flawless special effects, it would be of course Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, you can't find any other movie with THIS impressive special effects and CGI! This movie deserves to win oscar for best special effects and best make up! It totally deserves it! Even those who disliked the movie can agee that the special effects are mind-blowing! Like sky and beach on Planet Mül! Or the beautiful aliens!? Everything here with CGI and special effects was just flawless! Overall, special effects in this movie rules!

4: Acting:

Now we're getting onto the really bad things about the movie! The acting in this movie was bad, and when I say bad, I mean REALLY BAD! The acting really ruins the movie a bit! And I mean it, I don't think Dane DeHaan, actor of Valerian and Cara Delevingne, actor of Laureline didn't care about their roles, we all know Dane DeHaan, the guy who played Harry in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, at least he could act in that movie! But seriously, how did he manage to get his awful acting approved in this movie, couldn't he do better, I dislike him really! Then Cara Delevinge, she was slightly better than Dane DeHaan, but that's not saying much, she did lift up some scenes, but not that much, also, believe she she only played Laureline beacuse she was H-O-T-! The actors for the other ones are also pretty bad, but there was this one guy who had a actor who resembled Johnny Depp to me in the beginning, I don't remember the name of that actor, but the character was called Thazit, I can say that that actor was the only person who cared about his character, he definitly reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow from hte Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So even almost all actors suck in this movie at least that Johnny Depp-like actor made me laugh a bit.

5: Overall:

Valerian and the City is an really great movie of 2017 by Noble Entertainment, it may have it's really bad things and awful acting, but the special effects, it's one of the best movies so far of 2017, maybe fifth best movie so far, it has ok characters, amazing special effects, super interesting plot, and really bad acting. It's also the first Noble Entertainment movie that I've watched. But I hope a sequel never gets announced.

8 of 10 = A Very Great Movie, Valerian may have it's really bad things, but has at the same time flawless and amazing things too! But a sequel I hope never gets announced.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 50%, 56% of audiences liked it, My score; 78%

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This is darthvadern and I hope you enjoyed my review second, I'll see you in my next review.