darthvadern's: Thor: Ragnarok Review

darthvadern Oh yeah! I've been looking forwad to review this movie, I saw this is cinema in Sweden on November 2nd 2017, and I looked forwad to it, this is the third movie in the Thor trilogy by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I'm going to compare it to the two previous Thor movies. the first one Thor (2011) was a really entertaining movie with an good plot but was really forgettable in my opinion, then came Thor: The Dark World (2013) which was just a messed up waste of time as it had almost nothing good in it with boring jokes and messed up plot, but then came Thor: Ragnarok (2017), or as I like to call it, Thor: RagnaROCK! And I actually looked forwad to this movie more than the others. And here are my honest thoughts and opinions on this movie, let's begin.

1: Plot/Synopsis:

Once agian I'm going to compare this movie to the two previous Thor movies. in Thor (2011), the plot was pretty clear, Thor gets banished from Asgard for not behavng himself where he needs to get back to Asgard and find his hammer Mjolnir, the first movie had a clear plot and it was good, in Thor: The Dark World (2013), as I said in the description, that movie was just really messed up, and so is definitly the plot in that movie, I don't actually remember that movie's plot, Malekith, a dark elve, ugh, tries to take over Asgard and the rest of the world, I think that was the second Thor movie's plot, but there was so much other weird things in the plot that just was weird, I didn't like the plot for that movie, but then we have Thor: Ragnarok (2017), this movie, and I just have to say that this movie has awesomne plot! When Hela arrives at Midgard and sends Thor to the other side of the universe, Thor must get back to Asgard and stop Ragnarok, the destruction and doom of Asgard. If I had to rank the plots, Thor: Ragnarok had of course the best plot! Followed by the first Thor and at last Thor: The Dark World. So overall, this movie just has an amazing plot!

2: Characters:

Characters, many characters from the two previous movies makes a return in this movie, as Thor, Odin, and Loki all make a return, I can't really compare this movie's characters to the other Thor movie's characters beacuse there are already many characters from the previous Thor movies that makes a return in this movie. Of course I really don't like how the characters are, Hela isn't suppose a ruthless killer and Hela isn't actually Thor's brother, and neither is Loki Thor's adoptive brother. But still, Ihave to say that the characters were still pretty good as I have to say that Hela is a really relatable character and had great motivations for being a villian, she isn't just someone who wants to destroy the world or rule Asgard beacuse of nothing, you will understand her motivations when you see the movie, and her motivations are great! We also have the hilarious Korg who had a small role in the movie. Fun Fact: Korg is actually the swedish word from basket, so his name is literally Basket, funny right, and funny enough, he is the number one funniest character in the movie, this blue rock guy just brightens up the movie even more, and don't forget his friend Miek. He is just hilarous, there are more characters in the movie I won't spoil for you but overall the characters in the movie are great!

3: Humour:

Yeah, I have to say I love the humour, it isn't too much or almost nothing, it's the prefect amount of humour and good jokes, once agian I'm going to compare this movie's humour with the two previous Thor movies, the first one Thor (2011) had, I guess, not so much humour, tehre was his one joke where Thor throws this cup in Midgard and that's just about it, nothing special. andthe second one Thor: The Dark World (2013), oh lord, where may I begin with this one? The second Thor movie, oh god, had horrible humour, there's this naked professor running around and getting arrested by the police in live tv and it was just too forced and very inapproiprate for kids, and Marvel Cinematic Universe is suppose to be enjoyable for kids too! Just think of all the kids who read the Thor comics and were anticipated for Thor: The Dark World, and they are forced to see a professor running around naked!? Come on! But that was Thor: The Dark World, this one, Thor: Ragnarok, had as I said, perfect amount of humour, not too much or not almost nothing, just in the middle the lies and jokes in this movie all were funny and entertaining (Especially my man Korg). There was this line in the beggining which was completely unpredictable and hilarious! And I have to say rest of the jokes are great too and overall, the jokes are incredible!

4: Special Effects:

Listen up, Thor: Ragnarok has incredible special effects! I loved the special effects in this movie, all the CGI characters and characters with some CGI are just so good made! And I will compare the special effects and CGI in this movie to the special effects and CGI in the other Thor movies as well. The first Thor movie Thor (2011) had some really good special effects, but lets be real, that movie mostly taked place on Midgard (the human realm), in a city, and there was a lack of special effects in that movie, no waling on walls and stuff, but Iliked the CGI that was in that movie. Then in Thor: The Dark World (2013), I haveto say honestly the only good things about Thor: The Dark World was the special effects and the villian Malekith, but then agian, the spcial effects and CGI were kinda underused in that movie, but I liked that movie's special effects more than the first Thor movie's special effects. But as I said, this movie has awesomne special effects and they aren't underused or anything, the CGI was just awesomne in this movie, so overall, I whave to say that this movie's CGI is incredible.

5: Acting:

As always Marvel movies usally has a great cast with really talented actors, and so has this movie, I'm going to compare this movie's acting to the two other movies yet agian, the first Thor movie had a good cast, we saw Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Idris Elba as Heimdall and Anthony Hopkins as Odin. They did a great job as their characters in that movie and same in Thor: The Dark World. And they reprised their roles in this movie, and they were as awesomne as always. And we also have even more good actors, with my favorite being Cate Blachentt as Hela, she did an amazing job as Hela and is among my favorite actors of all time! Her acting was just flawless and I love her brittish accent! So overall, let's just say this movie has amazing acting!

6: Soundtrack:

I'm not going to compare this movie's soundtrack to the two previous beacuse I don't remember the souhndtrack from those movies, maybe that shows how forgettable those soundtracks were, but this movie, has amazing soundtrack! Every sound, every song was just amazing! I loved the soundtrack, and who wouldn't? Like in the beggining when Thor fights a giant, it was amazing! That song reminded me of Shrek The Third for some reason, well, that one was released ten years before, so I don't know if this movie decided to rip-off that one soundtrack from Shrek The Third, but whatever, this soundtrack was much better than that one from the Shrek movie to be honest! Even more soundtrack are in this movie, and overall thhis movie has amazing soundtrack.

7: Overall:

Overall, yeah, let me say this. This is the best movie of the year! Yes, I just said that, Despicable Me 3 was for a very long time my favorite movie of 2017, But this movie now takes the slice as my favorite movie of 2017 as well as my second favorite movie of all time! Everything was just amazing, flawless, with amazing plot, greatc haracteres, great humour, incredible special effects, superb acting and amazing soundtrack, this takes the slice as the best movie of 2017 in my opnion!

10 of 10 = Flawless Masterpiece, Thor: Ragnarok managed to do the impossible, to beat Despicable Me 3 and earn the title Best Movie of 2017, so far it is it. It may change in the future, but so far, best movie of 2017 and everything just is amazing about this movie!

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93%, 89% of audiences liked it, To be honest, this deserves a 100%! By far!

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This is darthvadern and I hope you enjoyed my fourth full review, I'll see you in my next review.


I honestly didn't really like this movie, but I respect your opinion. Good review! - Absolite

You are not going into detail about key aspects of the movie enough. This, if it was a YT video, would be about 3 minutes long. That does not supply a good review for me. - iliekpiez

I liked the movie but I can't say it was a flawless masterpiece. Anyways good job on your review! - visitor

Did you not know your spelling correctly or check it through - iliekpiez

I kinda rushed my reviews back in the day, also, thank you for actually critisizing me now instead of insulting me - darthvadern