Thor: Ragnarok Review

I've been wanting to review this movie for a while so here's what I thought of it:

The Asgard subplot was pretty interesting but the Sakaar plot was a big no no. Don't get me wrong I liked the fight between Thor and the Hulk, and some of the scenes between Thor and Loki, but it was kind of pointless and boring and stupid. This is where the worst jokes in the movie were. It only got interesting when they were escaping. 7/10 I guess.

I was shocked at how quickly Thor went from being a serious no nonsense character to a Star-Lord type of guy. It seemed like the director didn't even watch the previous movies (or didn't care) and just wanted Thor to be comic relief.
Loki was one of the few likeable characters in the whole movie and probably the only one who actually had depth. The Valkyrie girl was tolerable, but her personality was very bland. Korg was just an annoying Drax ripoff. Nothing interesting about his character. The Grandmaster was awful and one of the worst villains I've seen in a movie. I honestly thought Jeff Goldblum wasn't even reading the script and just saying whatever came to his mind...bad choice of actor in my opinion. Hela was a pretty good villain even if she was blandish. Bruce Banner was the same fidgety scientist. I'm not gonna bother talking about Heimdall and Skurge, no one cares about them anyway. 7.5/10, sorry I didn't like most of the characters except for Loki, Hela, and Thor (sort of).

The action was simply amazing. The ending fight on the bridge was probably the best thing about the movie. The fight choreography was very well done too.
I'm not going to prattle on about the Cgi because believe me it was AWESOME! 10/10 :)

Ugh, the attempts at humour in this movie were very cringey, I only laughed a few times and that was it. The humour was also very repetitive; like there was a part in the movie when (I don't really remember it sorry) I think Thor said to The Grandmaster that he was going back to Asgard and the blue chinned idiot was like "A$$gard huh". That same joke was repeated at least twice during that sequence. Another unneccary joke was when Thor was talking to Loki in the dungeons. That scene was supposed to be EMOTIONAL but got ruined by lame comedy (Korg runs in, kicks the wall where Loki was and yells "pi$$ off ghost!). So not funny in my opinion.
Also there were several characters from Sakaar that were there only for comic relief and nothing else. I also noticed that the jokes were very similar to the same type of humour that was in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Not really sure what the director was thinking but he seemed like a total doofus when I saw him in a interview. 6.5/10, he got some jokes right though....

I'm sorry if I sounded too negative but I'm only stating my opinions. So if you though the movie was a masterpiece, please don't hate. Now the acting was a 9 and the cgi was a solid 10. About 75% of the scenes were very well done (even if they were ruined by lame jokes), the chemistry between Thor and his bro was pretty cute (I don't ship them at all lol), and the use of Led Zeppelin's song worked well with the fight scenes and the colourful theme. This is my first review and post so don't hate on me if you don't agree with some of what I said.

Final score::
*Drum beats*. The final score I'd give Thor: Ragnarok would be.....8/10! Yeah yeah y'all were probbably expecting me to give it a 4 or something. It may have seemed in my review that I didn't like it but no it was a very entertaining and fun movie to watch, I'd actually consider watching it a few more times! But it would've been better if they hadn't put so much jokes in it, removed Korg and the other guy, gave Hela more screen time, and removed The Grandmaster (or cast a different actor).

My score for this movie::
8/10--Very good!

Rottentomatoes critic's score:: 91%
Rottentomatoes audience score::87%


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The main antagonist was Hela intimidating. - Cyri