Top 10 Best Movies of the 2018 Summer Movie Season

Time to discuss the best movies that came out in summer 2018.

The Top Ten

1 Incredibles 2

I saw this one I think it was actually better than the first one

I am planning on seeing this movie, I am not expecting much from it but I will maybe see it anyway - darthvadern

It was awesome!

Such a good sequel, it takes what the first movie did great and does it again! - Phillip873

2 Mission: Impossible - Fallout

I've seen this movie in the theaters and my god, this movie is one of the best installments on the series of Mission Impossible. The stunts (Tom Cruise did these some of these) are absolutely a masterpiece for the action movie, the theme is darker and serious in this installment, the story is great, the casting of the characters are well-developed and some of the scenes are blowing my mind off. That is one of my favorite movies of this year. - yamionthetrap

Voted this to get incredibles down from number 1

What would you say is better, this or Black Panther? - Trollsfan536

the best - steve34

3 Christopher Robin

I loved it.

It looks kinda boring but I think I’d be keen to see this. Meh. - AlphaQ

I can’t believe I got a fist bump from Jim Cummings at the premiere. Disney has been making a lot of live action reboots and for the most part, they haven’t been good. However, I actually very much enjoyed Christopher Robin. Unlike the other live action Disney adaptations, this one is a continuation. And it continues the story without ruining the personalities of the characters. They all still act the same as they always have. Except for Christopher Robin himself, but that’s the whole point of the movie. He’s grown up and he’s not the same as he was as a kid. It’s something that happens to everyone in their lifetime. The movie has pacing issues and some of the characters aren’t very interesting, but it’s still an enjoyable film that I’m sure will bring tears to people’s eyes. - MegaSoulhero

4 Blackkklansman

This does not look good. - AlphaQ

5 Avengers: Infinity War

The best movie of all time, it's just so good, Thanos is the second most scary fictional character of all time, his motivations are just so frightening and intimidating, and he has quite a scary design - darthvadern

April is not summer, - B1ueNew

There is no Summer Movie Season, I don't remember this movie being on Rotten tomatoes summer film ranking - B1ueNew

Thanos was cool - PeeledBanana

I loved it - iliekpiez

6 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

I’m not that big of a fan of documentaries, but this one was very impactful. I didn’t know much about Mr. Rogers before this, but after watching this, it made me an instant fan. I’m gonna be honest, if you plan on watching this film, you might want to have some tissues nearby. This movie really shows how great of a man Mr. Rogers was. He really made such an impact. It makes me feel guilty that I didn’t know much about him. Honestly, this is a movie that I’m sure everyone can enjoy. It’s such a charming documentary and it’s easily a tear-jerker. - MegaSoulhero

7 Ant-Man and the Wasp

This movie is horrible!, at least teen titans go movie and jurassic park 5 are not feminist movies - B1ueNew

Actually, in some ways Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom is an Animal activist propaganda movie. Still enjoyed it anyway. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Female empowerment the movie! The Wasp does all the work while Ant-Man acts like a complete idiot! Seriously, this did NOT feel like an Ant-Man and the Wasp movie. It should’ve been called The Wasp (Featuring Ant-Man). He was much more useful in the first film, but then we had to have a female superhero come in and take over the spotlight. Even though they’re a team and neither of them should be the sidekick. If they wanted to focus on the Wasp, they should’ve just given her her own movie. Another issue I had was how did Michelle Pfeiffer survive that long in the Quantum Realm? There was supposedly no food or water. Also, she somehow had makeup on. Wow. The Quantum Realm must have more things to offer than I thought. I like this movie, but you have to admit that it is not on the same level as the first film. - MegaSoulhero

8 Ocean's 8
9 Hereditary
10 Tag

Bruh is this even a name of a movie? - AlphaQ

While the other Avengers were fighting for their lives, Hawkeye was playing tag. I actually thought this movie was pretty funny. I don’t know why, but I just love the idea of seeing grown men playing a kids game. The actors are what make the movie so enjoyable. I don’t know why people don’t like it. It’s not amazing or even great, but I had fun with it. I mean, I actually thought it was gonna suck. So I was very surprised. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Upgrade

This is one of the best sci-fi films I’ve seen in a long time. It is much better than Robocop. The action is amazing, the performances are very believable, and it’s entertaining throughout. I didn’t think it would be good, but it really surprised me. It’s just very awesome. - MegaSoulhero

12 Deadpool 2

I haven't seen it, but I did not like the first movie, it had a part where the main character goes in a strip club for no reason, just because a movie is R-Rated does not mean they should overuse sex jokes and porn! - darthvadern

Great movie - iliekpiez

This isn’t as good as the first one, but I still thought it was great. I do have problems with it. Some of the jokes in this movie were also used in the first movie. I felt like they could’ve been a little more original with the humor. There are still some pretty funny jokes though. The post credits scene is very hilarious. Also, I hate what they did to the X-Force. That really made me angry. All of them died except for Domino, who is literally a Mary Sue. That’s literally her entire character trait. I just thought that it was lazy writing. Still, the movie does have some excellent action scenes as well as some great characters. Josh Brolin gave a really good performance as Cable. Although, I still thought his performance as Thanos was better. Still a very great movie to check out. - MegaSoulhero

13 Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Thank god this movie did not play Anaconda or Stupid Hoe

Sorry if I am triggering you MegaSoulhero by adding this, but this movie is honestly amazing, there is no bad Hotel Transylvania movie, ok, Hotel Transylvania 2 was very underwhelming but it wasn't really that bad, the other tw oentries in the trilogy are awesomne to masterpiece though. This isn't a masterpiece, but it's awesomne! This entire trilogy of movies I feel like are very overhated, it is always taken too seriously, This trilogy of movies are just harmless kids movies meant for fun! People should stop compare it to Pixar and stuff. Anyways, onto the movie itself, this is easly the most colorful movie in the trilogy, and instead of having the hotel as the setting it's now a cruise ship, if you know me well, you know I LOVE cruise ships! They're gorgeous and almost always look good, and this is no exception, an amazing movie, the story was pretty good too, Dracula is feeling lonely and Mavis books a cruise on a luxary monster cruise ship, where Drac meets the captain, Ericka, ...more - darthvadern

14 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

A bit of childish jokes, hypocrisy, firing at disney and marvel, but I'm glad DC and warner mention a lot of their mistakes in this movie like How the characters were portrayed in teen titans go, and The Green lantern movie, See, even Warner and DC regret their crappy films and shows, but the film still lacked a lot, and was kind of bad and mediocre at the same time honestly - B1ueNew

It seems like a very Fun film to watch with family although the teen titans go series ain't doing so well than the original teen titans. this film is way much better than the TTG series and it has more action and combat into would be a very exciting film to watch.

Best 2018 film. - girlcool

I'm sort of both genders, it's complicated, but I relate more to the female gender. - girlcool

15 The Spy Who Dumped Me
16 A Quiet Place
17 Sorry to Bother You

I only watched this movie because I have a huge crush on Tessa Thompson. Which is probably the only reason I will watch the live action Lady and the Tramp movie. Despite this, I still enjoyed the film itself. It’s a pretty decent satire with excellent performances and some pretty funny humor. It’s definitely not for everyone though. Sure there are some moments that could’ve been done a lot better, but as a whole, it’s fine and I’m glad I watched it. - MegaSoulhero

18 Crazy Rich Asians

Very good. I loved the movie!

I saw this 2 days ago at my local Regal Cinemas theater and I thought it was really good and funny. Totally looking forward to the sequel! - PerfectImpulseX

19 Blindspotting
20 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

JP is the best. JW:FK is #3.

21 Three Identical Strangers
22 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

SECOND BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME AND SUMMER 2018 I just voted for this one because this one isn't on the musical top 10. I may have cried at I've been waiting for you and one of us.

23 Solo: A Star Wars Story
24 Alpha
25 Damsel
26 The Meg
27 The Happytime Murders
28 Slender Man
29 Searching
30 Leave No Trace
31 Terminal
32 The Equalizer 2
33 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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