Movie Review - A Quiet Place

MegaSoulhero A Quiet Place is a horror film that stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, is also directed by John Krasinski, and is produced by, believe it or not, Michael Bay. I’m not really much of a fan of horror films. There are ones that I like but the overall genre isn’t really my thing. This one, however, looked very interesting. So I saw it and I actually really liked it.

The premise of the film is that there are a bunch of alien creatures on Earth that are blind but can still hear things. If anyone makes a sound, they attack. We see how the family in this movie gets through life while all of this is happening. And it’s been happening for over 470 days. It’s amazing how the family is able to stay quiet for that long. It’s great that they show us all the things they do to stay alive. Such as communicating through sign language and walking on sand so they won’t make noise while walking. The best thing the movie does is try to make it feel like that we are part of this situation. There are tons of moments that are so quiet to the point where it makes the audience not want to make a sound at all. Even while I was eating during the movie, I tried to eat as slow as possible so the sound of me chewing wouldn’t be so loud in the theater. This makes the movie a lot more suspenseful. If they were to make some kind of sound, it would be over for them. It does an excellent job of giving us an idea of what’s happening without telling us what’s happening. There’s a very small amount of dialogue. This is an excellent way of storytelling. Also, the daughter is deaf and there are actually certain moments when the camera focuses on her and the background noise sounds very soft. Which gives us a sense of her perspective.

I also thought the performances were spot on. They felt very natural. I actually believed that these characters were actually scared. Even the kids. Emily Blunt I thought gave the best performance in the entire film. The scene when she’s in the bathtub was just really amazing. The fear in her facial expressions looked very real. This makes me excited for Mary Poppins Returns. These characters actually felt like a real family. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have such great chemistry. Which makes sense since they’re married in real life. I thought the designs of the monster things were pretty interesting. They looked like something out of Stranger Things. Whenever they appeared on screen, I was legitimately terrified. These creatures look like the kind of things you don’t want to mess with. There is some gore in the movie but it never gets too out of hand. There are only a few moments that show blood. There’s also a part that kind of reminded me of a moment from Home Alone. If you watched Home Alone and watch this movie, you will probably know what part I’m talking about.

Is there anything bad I have to say about the film? Yes there is. The characters act like idiots at times! This is a horror film cliché that I have gotten tired of. They make such dumb decisions to the point where I don’t blame the aliens for attacking. These characters make Ariel from the Little Mermaid look like a genius. For example, when they’re walking home at the beginning of the film, the parents just let their kids walk behind them and don’t even keep an eye on them to make sure they’re safe. Then they’re youngest kid turns on a toy that makes sound which causes the kid to get killed. That was both the kid’s fault and the parents’ fault. That kid got what was coming to him since he put the batteries back in the toy and decided to turn it on even after he was told not to make a sound. Another problem I have is the use of jump-scares. While most of them work, there are a few that felt very unnecessary and were only put in just for the sake of putting in a jump-scare. The movie has the advantage of it being a quiet film so that almost anything that happens can be considered a jump-scare. But you can pretty much tell which ones are actually intended to be jump-scares and a few of them just really felt like they didn’t need to be there. I also thought the music was unnecessary at times. There are moments where it adds to the intensity and then there are moments when it felt very unnecessary. I would’ve been totally cool with most of the movie not having any music. Also, I REALLY hated the ending. There was something that happened at the ending that just really made me frustrated. I literally facepalmed when it happened.

Despite its flaws, A Quiet Place is a very excellent movie. It has a lot of suspenseful moments, great performances, and has a very clever and well thought out story. It’s a movie that everyone should see. John Krasinski is an absolute genius.

Score: 8/10


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