Movie Review - Deadpool 2

MegaSoulhero It’s only been 3 weeks and we finally got another superhero movie. Not only that, but it’s another sequel. A sequel to the pleasantly surprising film of 2016, Deadpool. It is one of my favorite comic book films. I pretty much loved everything about it. I was kind of a nervous about the sequel since comedy sequels aren’t usually good most of the time. However, after having seen it, I can safely say that it is pretty awesome.

Basically, there’s this new young mutant who Deadpool wants to protect from a time traveler known as Cable, played by Josh Brolin. Who also played Thanos in Infinity War. So he forms a team that he calls the X-Force. Without spoiling anything, I feel like you’re gonna be very disappointed with a certain scene. I was personally kind of angered by it. But it didn’t ruin the movie for me. This movie is still very great and very humorous. Ryan Reynolds is still the perfect Deadpool. He plays the character so well to the point where you can’t think of anyone else who would’ve been good for the part. As great as he is in this movie, my favorite character here would have to be Domino. Not only is she hot, she is such a tough girl. And an extremely lucky one. That’s literally her power. Her power is being a Mary Sue. That is just too funny. I also thought Josh Brolin stood out as Cable. I still think his performance as Thanos was much better, but he still owns this role. He pretty much acts as the straight man throughout the film. Which is great because in a comedy, you need a serious character to balance things out. Even the kid who plays Russell was surprisingly great. The jokes in this movie are hilarious. Almost all of them got some sort of laugh out of me. These jokes were definitely funnier than anything in that trailer for that R rated Muppets film that played before this movie. Wow that movie looks bad. Also, Deadpool 2 has a mid-credits scene that you just HAVE to see. It is hilarious.

Most of my negatives for the film are mostly nitpicks. One issue I have is that while this movie still tries to be a comedy, there are also a few scenes that try be legitimately emotional and touching. Those moments feel very out of place and come across as very cliché. I would forgive them if they had Deadpool make fun of those scenes, but he doesn’t. Those scenes honestly didn’t really work for me. There were also moments where the humor didn’t work for me. There was one moment at the end that had a joke going on for what felt like forever. I kept on waiting for them to move on but it just kept on going. It could’ve easily been cut short. The CGI felt like a step backward from this one. I mean, the action scenes still look amazing! However, there are some moments when the CGI looks painfully obvious. TJ Miller I thought was the weakest part of the first movie. He had a few funny moments but didn’t add anything to the film. They brought him back in this one and he still doesn’t do much. Also, that taxi driver guy has a bigger role in this film than he had in the first one. He does one helpful thing at the end, but other than that he’s also kind of useless. Come to think of it, there are actually quite a few characters that were very underused. It’s kind of a shame really.

While it’s not as good as the first one, I still absolutely loved it. Very humorous with great action and a lot of memorable moments. I had a lot of fun watching it. I definitely recommend seeing it. If you’re old enough. Leave the kids at home.

Score: 8/10


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