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darthvadern As you might know, Sony has been going downhill at lot recently, they have made some pretty hated movies recently, Emoji Movie, Peter Rabbit, Sausage Party, etc. Sony hasn't been that good all around recently, well and a couple of days the second sequel to Hotel Transylvania was released, titled Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. You might be wondering why I have been so anticipated for this movie, to understand that, we must go back to when the first one was released.


The first movie was in my opinion the best movie of all time, it had memorable scenes and memorable characters and there were barely any cons aside from the bathroom humour. It is pretty hard to explain why it's so good in my opinion, it jut holds a special place in my heart, it was a movie I could watch whenever I was sick, it was a masterpiece. You may think I am nostalgia blinded, and maybe I am, but then agian there are other people who also liked it so anyways.

As for the second entry in the series, I was so anticipated for it too due to my love for the first one. It sadly turned out pretty dissapointing, but not bad, it was decent, it had many flaws, for example, overuse of mobile phones! That almost made me hate the movie, because cellphones are reminds me of a school I once went to that I hate, and on top of that, the human characters they introduced were horrible (Jonathan's parents), his dad Mike was just a boring guy who had no emotion, and his mom Linda was an annoying lady! Another thing that I hate in this movie is that Blobby turned into an annoying comic-relief that was in the way all the time! He was so annoying! And the last con is that Drac's dad was an out of the blue character, which is something I dislike.


And now the movie that I am suppose to review, the third entry in the series. Before it was released, even a year before, I was super anticipated, because I had read a bit of what the story was going to be like, and it sounded awesomne! If you know me well, then you know I love cruise ships becuase of how gorgeous they are! So it automatically made me ever more anticipated that I already was! Then of course, there were the trailers, which were pretty bad in my opinion, but don't judge a movie by its trailers! And then when it was July 14th 2018, I saw the movie, and it was as good as excpected!

This movie was just amazing! There were barely anything bad about this movie! This is an example of a third installment in a series taht's better than the second installment! We will first look at the story. Due to Drac being all busy at the hotel and having almsot no free-time whatsoever, Mavis, Drac's daughter takes Drac and the rest of the monsters to a monster luxary cruise ship, and that ship is gorgeous! Although the ship looks like Titanic and is super huge, the inside of it is GOERGEOUS! And on the cruise, Drac falls in love with the captain of the ship; Ericka.

This is however were a con comes, in case forgot what you read, I writed that Dracula fell in love with the hip captain, well he zinged, which means he has zinged TWICE! This makes the zing plot in the first movie irrelevant, since the first movie explained that you can only zing once, and now you can do it twice? But then agian I actually have a theory on the whole zing thing (and I'm not going to be MatPat), and I may explain the theory in another post, but it does make the whole zing plot in the first one irrelevant. Then there are some other flawsin this movie too, one thing is that some of the humour consists of fart jokes, well, at least there was only a total of 2-3 of those jokes in the whole movie, and that is very little lucklily. Another problem I have with this movie is the overuse of modern pop songs, none of them were good and just in the way, and that was just NO!

But despite the cons they weren't that much of a big deal though, because there were so much more pros with the movie!
You remember those things I disliked in Hotel Transylvania 2? Well, none of those problems are in this movie! They barely used cellphones in this movie, and it was only in the beginning when it was actually hilarious. And how about human characters? Well, they are AWESOMNE here! Johnny's parents don't appear i the movie, and that's good because they were so annoying in the second movie. And Blobby then? While he is still a comic relief, he wasn't nearly as annoying in this movie, as he had less screentime. As for another pros, the new cahracters were amazing, I mean not going to spoil too much, but Ericka the ship captain was a really interesting character with huge character development, and pherhaps the best character in the movie, she was just so good!

Overall, I was extremly impressed by the movie, it's not as good as the first one (obviously), but it's way better than the second one. There were more pros than cons and there was great character development. So overall, this movie in my opinion was awesomne.

8 of 10 = A Very Great Movie, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is a huge step-up from the previous entry in the series and a great end to the trilogy, I do hope it's the last one in the trilogy, kinda.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 59%, 54% of audiences liked it. My score; 84%

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This is darthvadern and I hope you enjoyed my review. Please comment below what you thought of the review or your thoughts on the movie if you have already seen it.


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