Movie Review - A Star is Born

MegaSoulhero A Star is Born (2018) is the third remake of the original film and it stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga as the two main characters. In fact, Bradley Cooper actually produced, wrote, and directed the movie. I was really looking forward to this film since I am a huge music fan and I want to become a performer one day. It was nice seeing this movie to calm me down after getting angry at the fact that Disney is planning a Lilo and Stitch remake. I saw this a couple of days before it came out, and now I’m gonna talk about it.

Bradley Cooper plays an alcoholic singer who performs in concerts and signs women’s boobs. I always find it weird when women want their boobs signed. It’s not like they would be able to see it. And if they look in the mirror, it would be backwards. Anyway, he meets Lady Gaga after seeing her perform a gig and he wants to make her a star. They then develop a strong relationship, but as one becomes more famous and the other’s career starts to die, their relationship starts going downhill. Considering this is the third remake, it seemed like it would be hard to come up with something fresh. I haven’t seen the other versions, by the way. However, Bradley Cooper managed to find a way to still make it strong and it totally worked out. This is honestly my favorite movie of the year. I loved pretty much everything about it. The thing that surprised me the most was the performances. I always knew Bradley Cooper was a great actor, but he really sells it in this role. He gives a very strong and emotional performance and there are multiple times when I believed he was drunk. I find it funny how this movie came out a few days after I turned 21. Lady Gaga surprised me the most. She’s done some acting before, but the thing she’s best known for is her singing which is practically her entire career. Turns out, she’s both talented as a singer and as an actress. She gave an Oscar worthy performance here. It really impressed. Also, I never realized how hot Gaga was until now. Probably because she’s not covered in makeup and not wearing some ridiculous outfit.

The relationship between the two main characters doesn’t feel forced. It feels natural. And it works since they both share the same interest. It’s very believable which is, again, because of how great the performances are. There’s one scene in the film that I thought was very hard to watch. Not because it was bad, but because I felt scared for them. If I had to witness that situation in real life, I’d probably run out of the room. The actual singing performances are also very impressive. In most movies, the singers would record their singing in a recording studio and the lip sync when filming a scene. In this movie, all singing is done live. And it still sounds great. Bradley Cooper even learned how to play the guitar for the movie. Just like how Ryan Gosling learned to play the piano for La La Land. That’s dedication. The songs themselves are beautifully written and have a lot of emotion to them. Way better than Gaga’s other songs. Even the beginning starts out strong. I was actually smiling withing the first few seconds of the movie. And the ending is where things get REALLY emotional. It might cause people to cry. Who knew Rocket Raccoon was such a great director?

A Star is Born is such an amazing, emotional, and realistic film. Every actor gives such an excellent performance and the story is very well written. This is definitely my favorite movie of the year. Everyone should go see it. It’s too bad most people are gonna go see Venom instead. Speaking of which, I’m gonna do a review of that movie as well as Smallfoot. Anyway, go see A Star is Born. It’s awesome.

Score: 10/10


I might next week, I have heard very good things about it. Also, I am the only one who really thinks Ryan Gosling is a great actor? - iliekpiez

Too bad I have to be 17 and up too see it your review made me want 2 see it I'm only 12 can't wait 4 those 2 reviews though. - Trollsfan536

But I probably will see First Man instead (Damien Chazelle is such a good director) - iliekpiez

Wow, I feel like the only one here who doesn't really enjoy this movie. - AlphaQ