Halloween (2018 remake) review

Not_A_Weeaboo *Warning: spoilers inbound*

So, this is the first “review” post I made. I never made a review post, nor did I considered making one, but Halloween seemed like an easy movie to review.

I went to watch this movie on October 21 with my dad, 3 days after the official release of the movie. Not many people inside the theater, so it wasn’t very noisy and wild. Then the movie started, and I was ready for then long awaited reboot. Did I also mention this was the first horror movie I watched in my life?

One of the best things about this film is that the movie doesn’t abuse the use of jumpscares, which a lot of modern horror movies have issues with, for example: Unfriended. Jumpscares is an effective way to scare audiences, but if overdone, they can get old very quick. The main method of horror was suspence and tension, which in my opinion, is the two best element a horror movie can have. It keeps you on the edge of the seat, making you wonder what’s going to happen next, or where Michael Myers will appear out of.

Michael Myers is as sinister as usual. No sense of remorse, always remaining calm, and murders people in very creative ways. His mask was very well made, and in some ways, better than the classic white mask.

The movie also has a decent amount of comedy mixed into it, which a lot of other horror movies fail to do. There are several scenes throughout the movie you will at least let out a chuckle. The character “Jullian” was a good and funny comic relief character that was a good addition to the movie.

The movie was also fairly gory. It’s not as violent as Saw or Hostel series, but there were decent amount of blood and gore. A women getting a knife through her throat, a boy getting his head penetrated through a fence, and the most brutal, Michael Myers crushing an investigator’s head like a grape.

Some issues I had with the movie was that some of the characters made pretty stupid decisions. There’s this scene where two investigators were stuck in a bathroom with Michael Myers. Michael continuously beat up one of the reporters, and the other reporter, armed with a crowbar, did nothing but hide in the stalls. I get she was paralyzed by fear, but she had the perfect chance to A: Help the other reporter out, of B: Escape. Because the reporter didn’t react, the reporter was beaten to death, while she was choked. There were also countless numbers of people who thought it was a good idea to approach a dark and abandoned area alone without any self defense equipment. Michael easily snuck on those people and murder them.

Another peeve I had on this film was that it wasn’t as scary as other horror movies out there. There were some parts that may give you goosebumps, but the movie felt more like an action thriller with a sprinkle of horror on it rather than a full on horror film.

Final Verdict: 8/10

Although the film could have been more realistic and scary, the film was still a well made Blumhouse film.


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