Ralph Breaks The Internet review

This is my first review I’ll do on this site so hopefully I do this right.

I just recently saw Ralph Breaks The Internet. Since I loved the first movie, I was looking forward to this one. But I didn’t see it in the theater. Which is weird since I watched every Disney animated movie in the theater starting with Chicken Little. Alright let’s get on with this review.

The movie takes place 6 years later after the first movie. So apparently someone breaks the Surgar Rush steering wheel, and the arcade guy unplugs Sugar Rush, leaving everyone in Sugar Rush homeless. But since the internet was plugged in to the arcade, Ralph, and Venelope decide to go to the internet to order a new steering wheel off Ebay. But on their visit to the internet, Venelope falls in love with this new racing game called Slaughter Race, and she wants to stay there. But Ralph doesn’t like that, so he causes a virus to the game, and well that’s how he breaks the internet. Let me just point something out here is that the animation is fantastic. Just like any Disney animated movie. I also liked some of the jokes in the movie, and the Disney Princess scene was the best scene in the movie. But there are a few flaws.

This movie is nothing more but filled with dead memes. Maybe it was just the production, but the screaming goat isn’t cool anymore. It’s actually annoying. Oh yeah that’s right, in order to pay 2700,01 dollars, Ralph has to make money. So he creates a BuzzFeed account. BuzzFeed. Who even likes BuzzFeed? So Ralph puts his face on the screaming goat, which isn’t even funny. He also does other stuff like floss because Fortnite is popular, and you gotta add popular stuff for today’s generation of kids because kids grow up with that stuff. Maybe it was a good idea I didn’t see this movie in the theaters. Ralph also does unboxing videos with bees, paint like Bob Ross, oh and does the Hot Pepper challenge. All this stuff isn’t even that funny in my opinion, except for the Bob Ross part.

Another problem with the movie is the character development. Most of the characters in the movie lost their development. Also this movie has some character called Double Dan. He legit looks like the globglogabgalab. I felt like Disney wanted to add the globglogabgalab in the movie, but they didn’t want to get sued or something. Also where’s the pancake scene from the teaser trailer? I was kinda sad they didn’t added that scene in the movie.

But not all of this movie is bad. I like how creative the movie is. The Ebay scene was very creative, and I liked how Disney did it, expect for that Beyonce chip part, is that even funny still?
The Disney Princess scene also had some creative moments including the scenes where the Disney Princess save Ralph at the end. And the movie sorta had a good message at the end, I guess.
Oh, and Spoilers: Vanellope actually stays in Slaughter Race, and Ralph is cool with that. And the post credit scene is where Ralph is singing Never Gonna Give You Up.

Even though Ralph Breaks The Internet has some flaws, it’s still a good movie. It’s just not as good as the first. But it’s still an enjoyable sequel. Even though the movie is filled with dead memes, at least there better than The Emoji Movie.

Final score for this movie:

Thanks for reading my review, hopefully I did good on it.


One thing I liked about the movie was how it showed many parts of the internet. That was creative of them to do that. Also, I really like how it can show the horrors of the internet. Great movie overall - visitor

Nice review by the way - visitor

Thanks. - visitor