Movie Review: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

I absolutely loved the first Lego movie. It was a really big surprise. I thought it was gonna be a generic cash grab of a film, but it turned out to be really hilarious, really smart, and an excellent animated film! Then, they made two more Lego movies. One with Batman which was really great, and one with Ninjago which was mediocre at best. I was excited to see this sequel since I was a fan of the first film. Was this as good as the first one? No. But I still rally liked it.

The story follows right after the first. With Emett and the others facing a new threat of invaders to their society and having to stop them. The optimistic Emmet tries to stay positive during these apocalyptic times, but Lucy thinks that he should take these situations more seriously and become more mature. When Lucy and Emmet are kidnapped by his other friends during the new invasion, Emmet must single-handedly release them. Emmet receives his only help during this mission from the mysterious Rex Dangervest. When it comes to sequels, it’s always hard strike a balance between replicating everything that was great about the first film, while telling a new and exciting story, but it’s a balance that this gets pretty much spot on. I enjoyed Emett and the gang’s adventure. The most fun and satisfying thing about this film is relating everything that happens on screen in the real world, as the film cleverly uses the concept of dimensions in its brilliantly self-referential manner. The animation, just like the other Lego movies, is brilliant. It remains creative and beautiful to admire.

This film is also hilarious from beginning to end. It’s also done in the same way as the first film. It once again uses the ingenious brand of self-referential humor to poke fun at everything in pop culture. It has bright, clever and silly jokes, and I found myself laughing and chuckling on a consistent basis. There were fourth wall jokes in the film and I was laughing a lot! It felt like I was watching a kid friendly Deadpool film! The Bruce Willis jokes were also funny! I mean a Lego Bruce Willis crawling through an air duct? The voice acting is also well done. It looked like they were having a fun time voicing. Chris Pratt has a dual voice as he voices Rex Dangervest. It’s really fun to hear Chris Pratt talking to himself while voicing both characters throughout the entire film. The characters were still likable and excellent as they were. Wildstyle actually had more development. Which there were things that were revealed about her. Batman always steal the show! His whole subplot of him wanting to marry the Queen is just hilarious! The characters in the real world were further explored. I also enjoyed Tiffany Haddish’s singing in this film. While I don’t really listen to her music that much, I can say that I found the songs that she sang were really catchy and definitely worth listening to. My favorite song in the film that she sang would have to be “Gotham City Guys”. The twist was also really surprising! But I won’t spoil it for you. The action sequences are very fresh, engaging and even has a little suspense to it. It also has a great message about toxic masculinity and family.

Now for some issues. My main issue with the film is the excessive amount of musical numbers. Everything is Awesome was nominated for several awards. It was a song that was a mimicry for disposable pop songs. That song to this day is still catchy. Although I enjoyed one song in this film, it includes various songs where characters will burst into original songs in an attempt to annoy you. And yes, they did irritate me for all the wrong reasons. Lyrically impressive, but really unnecessary. It just doesn’t fit well with the rest of the film. Another issue I had was the pacing. It can get slow at times. Like I said, there are action scenes in this film. An action scene goes on, and it starts to get slow for another twenty minutes. Which kind of ruined the flow for me.

Overall, this isn’t as good as the first film, but it still provides just as much enjoyment and once again showcases a great outlet for creativity. It combines yet more beautiful, vibrant animation with rapid-fire, funny, and intelligent humor with yet another bold and clever story that hits pretty much every right beat throughout. Would I like to see a third film? I don’t know. But if Lord and Miller are involved in it again, I’ll be happy to see another.

Score: 8/10