Movie Review: Happy Death Day 2U

I wasn’t a fan of the first Happy Death Day. It was a mediocre film. It had some plot holes, it was predictable, and most of the scares didn’t hit the mark. I was looking forward to this one since the trailer looked more interesting the first. And the trailers made me laugh. So what did I think of it? Let’s find out!

The plot follows Tree who is stuck in the time loop yet again, but notices things are a little different this time. Her boyfriend, Carter, is now dating here enemy frat house leader, Danielle. Her past is written a little differently with her family. While Tree brings up the attention to Carter and his friends trying to solve the mystery with the time loop and preventing them from being killed by the baby face killer.

This is one of those films that you’ll have to watch the original in order to understand this one. A positive that I can give to the first one is that it gave a sense of mystery and leave you with a sense of what’s going on. In the sequel, it does gives us an explanation in the form of Quantum mechanics which gives the film its edge in the driven plot line. I also like how the time loop was created.

The acting is pretty solid throughout the film as Jessica Rothe gives a great performance. I thought she did great in the first film. Tree also became a likable character. Which was great because she was an unlikable jerk in the first, and I didn’t care about the things that happened to her. Here, the fear that’s shown on her face actually felt genuine and made me care about her! There were also some scares that made me jump. The comic relief in the film is sometimes funny, but it’s a comic relief that is gonna depend on your sense of humor, which I kind of find funny when the main character flips out and the interaction with other people are hilarious at times. Some of the jokes in the film hit the mark as I laughed at them. There are a few moments that the film does get emotional, but it’s more nuts and crazy this time around than the first film which gives it great entertainment. Some characters come back from the first film with a different perspective, which is also fun to see as well. Cannot give away much details without spoiling anything.

There are things in the film that keeps me from calling it a great film. The biggest flaw with the film is the way the Quatam mechanics is used, it’s not possible to correct a timeline without causing a Paradox which is the big flaw in the film. The film does get a little boring through the second act. The amount of times that Tree revisiting the same moments with her father during lunch. Or her friends trying to figure out a new way of breaking the loop. The film focuses more on the time loop machine rather than having suspenseful moments when the killer is on the loose. It does slow down a bit. There’s a new twist reveal, which I guess is a fun new direction. There’s also a post credits scene that supposedly sets up another film. I’m curious to see how a third film can work. I bet the third film will be called “Happy Death Day, Tree”. Get it? Because “three and “tree” sound similar?

Overall, Happy Death Day 2U is a pretty good film. It’s also an improvement over the first movie. It has less suspenseful and thrills from the killer this time. And a more focused plot about trying to solve the time loop. Which can be boring at times. Seeing Tree and characters with a different perspective is still a lot of fun to be had. And I’m interested to see what direction the franchise can take with the third film.

Score: 7/10