Movie Review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

nicolasb5194 The 2014 Godzilla was awesome. Sure, Godzilla wasn’t in the film that much, but that didn’t bother me. I also loved Kong: Skull Island which is in this universe. So both movies were amazing films. Of course, I was excited for this film. The trailers looked really good. So what did I think of it? I can safely say that it was awesome!

The film is about these ancient monsters awakening around the world, while the military and the organization known as Monarch try to handle the damage caused by these giant monsters. As the enormous creatures start vying for supremacy against each other, humanity finds itself in the crossfire as the planet’s largest battle for dominance is reignited. Just to let you guys know, if you were disappointed with the lack of Godzilla in 2014, he has a lot of screen time here. This story has family drama, kaijus fighting, and lots of action. There’s this strange machine called “ORCA” which people use to control the monsters. Not my favorite part of the film, but at least it gives us stunning visuals. Speaking of the visuals, they look really great! The cinematography in this film is beautiful as it gave some amazing shots of the monsters! Now to the Kaijus. There were only 4 that I liked. That being of course Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah. The rest weren’t good. Like Behemoth and MUTO. Godzilla hasn’t changed a bit except his spikes are different. And just like 2014, every scene with him was perfect! Mothra looked beautiful as there was one scene with her that almost made me shed a tear. Rodan looked really good. King Ghidorah was amazing and looked really cool! The action scenes were still fun and exciting! Especially the final battle with Godzilla and Ghidorah!

The new characters were pretty enjoyable except for one which I’ll get to. Millie Bobby Brown’s character was really good. She also did an awesome job playing the character! I really like some of her conflicting issues in this film because you have Kyle Chandler and Vera Farmiga who aren’t entirely on the same page and she’s kinda caught in the middle. And I really liked that aspect. Dr. Serizawa plays a much bigger role this time. His character primarily gives exposition while driving the plot forward with his very emotional performance. There was one scene with him that was executed well, but I won’t give it out. Bradley Whitford and Tom Middleditch were pretty funny characters as I chuckled many times by them. The acting in this was great. As I said, Millie’s acting was still perfect as she was in Stranger Things! Now I shall talk about my only problem with the film, and that is Vera Farmiga’s character. I wasn’t really a fan of her character. Despite Farmiga giving a great performance, she was an annoying character. I also think that she’s a pretty bad mother. If she’s a genius and “dedicated” mother, why such reckless child endangerment? She takes her daughter to work with her at dangerous monster-holding facilities. Her relationship with Madison wasn’t the least bit believable. Although, that one problem doesn’t ruin the movie for me!

Overall, Godzilla: King of the Monsters delivers what we come to expect in a Godzilla film. Lots of action, beautiful shots, and enjoyable characters. I think that this is the best movie in the MonsterVerse. And I think that this is better than the 2014 film. Don’t listen to the critics on this film, this film is really awesome. Sure it’s not as good as Avengers: Endgame, but it’s still a film that’ll leave you smiling. You won’t be disappointed. This is my second favorite movie of the year. So excited for Godzilla vs. Kong next year.

Score: 9/10