Top 10 Movies That Are Better Than Their Sequels


The Top Ten

1 The Matrix
2 Jaws
3 Rocky
4 Transformers


A solid flick, shame the sequels ruined it's reputation.

5 Raiders of the Lost Ark
6 Home Alone

Definitely! The first was so good! Lost in New York was also funny but not as good as the first, but Hone Alone 3 I watched from behind my eyelids. - Britgirl

7 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
8 The Avengers
9 Ted
10 How to Train Your Dragon

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? Rio

The Contenders

11 Star Wars
12 Shrek

The original is easily my favourite out of the 4 and although “Shrek 2” wasn’t as good, I still thought it was decent as well. It kind of went downhill after that though. I didn’t like 3 that much and didn’t really bother with 4. - 3DG20

13 The Hangover
14 Jurassic Park
15 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I Liked The Sequel, But The Rise Of Cobra Was Better. - masoncarr2244

16 The Exorcist
17 Garfield: The Movie

This movie is awful.

18 Speed

Really really love this film. - Britgirl

19 Cars
20 The Silence of the Lambs

Sequel is Hannibal (2001) - zxm

21 A Nightmare on Elm Street
22 Toy Story

The second and third “Toy Story” films are two of Disney’s better sequels, but they’re kind of boring compared to the original. - 3DG20

23 Despicable Me
24 Kung Fu Panda
25 The Godfather
26 Dirty Harry
27 Mean Girls
28 Dumb and Dumber
29 Grown Ups
30 Pokemon: The First Movie
31 Alvin and the Chipmunks
32 Spider-Man
33 The Amazing Spider-Man
34 Finding Nemo

Don’t get me wrong, I still liked “Finding Dory” as the touching story, amazing designs and beautiful soundtrack is still there, but part of me was somewhat disappointed at the same time because I will admit that even now at 15, I still think the original is funny, but the humor in the sequel was bland and it eventually got kind of annoying. - 3DG20

35 The Lion King
36 The Land Before Time
37 The Mask
38 The Nutty Professor
39 Ghost Rider
40 Iron Man
41 Surf's Up
42 Wreck-It Ralph
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