Top Ten Movies that are Easy to Hate


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1 Suicide Squad

If The TLK Hater Adds TLK I Swear I Will Add Zootopia And Frozen To The List - VideoGamefan5

2 Foodfight!
3 Dragonball: Evolution
4 Disaster Movie

Extremely unfunny and doesn't bother to attempt satirising certain aspects of pop culture but rather reference them (the High School Musical bit for instance), and you can see how it is easy to despise this. Add to that how obnoxious and crass it is, how utterly dated it is (especially with the embarrassing Amy Winehouse joke) & the fact that it stars Kim Kardashian and it leaves things for the worse. - Mrveteran

5 The Last Airbender

Won't say this is the worst movie ever made (hell, it isn't even M Night's worst movie), but it is still pretty bad. No character development, utterly dumb villains, plot holes abound and atrocious action scenes leave a rotten taste in the mouth. Add to the fact that it screws up the source material, and you have a movie that fails to appeal to fans and non-fans alike. - Mrveteran

Worst movie of all time - Cartoonfan202

6 Fred: The Movie

Based on a really annoying YouTube character. Need I say more? - Mrveteran

7 Twilight
8 Norm of the North
9 Battlefield Earth
10 Zootopia

It's easy to hate a movie people won't shut up about and think that because it addresses such "important issues" it's devoid of flaws and immune to even the slightest and/or constructive of criticisms.

Mah, I'm Adding It Anyways Before That TLK Hater Adds TLK - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Frozen

Per Zootopia - VideoGamefan5

12 Fantastic Four (2015)
13 Catwoman
14 Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
15 Titanic

Saw it when I was 11, I hated it so much

16 Jack and Jill
17 Fifty Shades of Grey
18 Cars
19 Cars 2
20 Epic Movie
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