Top Ten Movies that Aren't as Good or Bad as They are Commonly Thought to Be


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61 Zootopia

Crummy reality but with bipedal animals? I'll pass. Too bad everyone else thinks that's Best Movie Ever material.

It actually already overshadowed Moana, and it's that doggone Great Timely Message that has caused everyone to make much more of this movie than they should have.

62 Zoolander 2
63 Blues Brothers 2000

No, this film is terrible from what I know of it, it taints the memories of the original, just rehashes the same plot again, I consider it non-canon to the original, and for good reason. - SailorSedna

64 Sausage Party

This movie is very overhated, I like this, I think Barry is cute - GumballWatterson

65 Rio
66 Rio 2
67 Power/Rangers
68 Star Wars
69 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

I found this to be a great movie, but it got a 92% on the Tomatometer (which yes, I do take seriously. sue me.) and I don't think it deserved that. There were blatant flaws that are found within any other DC film. Other than better acting and dialogue, it's just another superhero movie.

70 Son of the Mask
71 Minions
72 The Angry Birds Movie
73 Ice Age: Collision Course
74 Pearl Harbor
75 The Wizard of Oz
76 The Village
77 The Good Dinosaur
78 Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
79 The Green Mile
80 The Emoji Movie

To be honest, this movie wasn't Good at all but I think people overhate this WAY TOO MUCH, - VideoGamefan5

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