Top 10 Movies Audiences Walked Out Of

Movies that had audience members waking out of theaters either due to the movies extreme graphic violence, disturbing subject matter or any other reason.

The Top Ten Movies Audiences Walked Out Of

1 The Passion of the Christ
2 The Exorcist

Nobody walked out of this, but quit a few RAN out.

3 The 120 Days of Sodom
4 A Clockwork Orange
5 Freaks (1932)

A movie that shows real life circus freaks of course audience members would find it uncomfortable. - egnomac

6 The Human Centipede
7 127 Hours
8 The Devil's Rejects
9 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
10 Cloverfield

The Contenders

11 City of the Living Dead

I remember as a kid hearing the newscaster on T.V. talk about people walking out of this movie in mass numbers. - THC13

12 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
13 Holmes & Watson
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