Top Ten Movies Based on Books that are Better Than the Book

A list of fiction book-to-movie adaptations that improve upon their source material. Includes movies based on novels and short stories; does NOT include nonfiction (so I did not include Schindler's List, for example).

The Top Ten

1 The Shining

I'd say it's a tie. - Undistinguished

2 The Godfather

Yep, I agree with this one, though the book is really good too. - Undistinguished

3 Apocalypse Now
4 The Maze Runner

No. The book is way better, at least to me. - Undistinguished

5 Room
6 Jaws
7 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

No, the books are really a lot better. - Undistinguished

I definitely agree that all the Harry Potter books are better - except for this one. - Y2K

8 Die Hard
9 American Psycho
10 The Shawshank Redemption

The Contenders

11 The Green Mile
12 How to Train Your Dragon
13 The Outsiders
14 Jurassic Park
15 Blade Runner
16 The Prestige
17 To Kill a Mockingbird

The book is better, and is more timeless than the movie. - Y2K

It's a tie between the film & the book! The film is a timeless masterpiece as well, Harper lee fanboys. Don't listen to Roger Ebert!

Damn wrong. - Undistinguished

18 Full Metal Jacket
19 The Color Purple
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