Movies With the Best Car Crashes

The Top Ten Movies With the Best Car Crashes

1 Final Destination 2

Impressive, shocking, creepy. Great movie though - Alexandr

2 The Long Kiss Goodnight

The most underrated action film of the 90's. Geena Davis was brilliant! - Alexandr

3 The Tournament

Intense non-stop action flick - awesome fight scenes plus cool car crashes - Alexandr

4 Mad Max

One of my favorite Sci-Fi/Action movies. Total jam - drama and action - Alexandr

5 Vanishing Point
6 Driven

Despite criticism from critics and fans, I think this film deserves to be here. There is more than one pretty epic crash scene. - Alexandr

7 Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Director's Cut

Legendary action-packed blockbuster with countless car chase and car crashes moments - Alexandr

8 The Seven-Ups
9 American Werewolf in London
10 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The Contenders

11 Daylight
12 Dawn of the Dead (2004)
13 Unknown
14 Premonition
15 Snow Cake
16 Crash
17 Wrong Turn
18 Soul Survivors
19 The Blues Brothers
20 Taken
21 Spectre

Cool film and awesome crashes 10/10

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