Top 10 Best Movies Coming to Disney+

The Top Ten Best Movies Coming to Disney+

1 Song of the South


It’s gonna be interesting watching this movie. - RadioHead03

2 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Master copy lost. - Maddox121

3 A Goofy Movie

Same with Extremely, except it was NEVER ON NETFLIX! - Maddox121

4 An Extremely Goofy Movie

No Re-Release AT ALL, Was in HD on Netflix for a while, but that also came back into the vault. - Maddox121

5 Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Lost master, heavily compressed for DVD - Maddox121

6 Aladdin

Last movie to go back into the Disney vault before discontinuation. - Maddox121

7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

No HD Re-Master - Maddox121

8 Mulan

Only available in HD on a 2 Pack - Maddox121

9 The Emperor's New Groove

No HD Re-Master - Maddox121

10 The Jungle Book

Long been in the Disney vault - Maddox121

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