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Top ten cosplay costumes making websites in terms of costumes quality.

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This is a original professional factory for cosplay costumes. So the costumes on this website in high quality and low price.

Yes, their service is very good and prompt. Love to do business with them.

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You can almost find every hot movie here. Awesome cosplay costumes are all custom made by a lot of serious tailors and they are very professional, too.

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They are very professional in Movies and TVs stars cosplay costumes custom making field.

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There are many movies costumes here. All the costumes here are custom made by the great tailors and the customer service is great.

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The costumes and customers services are very good.

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The costumes are well made, but they are a little expensive.

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They made a huge range of costumes, but not so professional in a certain field.

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Although the quality of the costumes is high, the prices are a little expensive. However, if you don't plan to buy the Halloween costumes, you are going to a wrong place.

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Thank you for visiting Cosmanles. We specialize in cosplay costumes, including your favorite Japanese anime, movie & T.V. & drama costumes and also game costumes.

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Although they covered many aspects of the cosplay field, it's not a very good place to go to, if you just want to look for the costumes.

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Although they covered costumes of Anime, Game and Movies, the kinds are a little.


Great quality selection at competitive prices. Mostly covering anime, clearly missing!

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