Top Ten Movies that Deserve a Sequel

Of all the mediocre movies that get sequels here's the best movies that never got one.

The Top Ten

1 The Incredibles

The swaual was worth the wait - blackflower

Why did we get Cars 2 but not the incredibles 2? Now that I think about it cars 2 has a theme that would be fit for an incredibles sequel - Randomator

They are making one next year

Finally in 2018 we’re getting a sequel. - Randomator

2 Wreck-it Ralph

I watched the sequel. It sucked. It ruined the original's ending. Also, don't get me started on any of the Fortnite references including the battle bus and Ralph doing the Fortnite Dance Challenge including flossing.

Excited for the sequel, but when it comes out I will almost be 17 and would wanna see it badly which will be seen as "weird" by people - Phillip873

A truly underrated movie that needs a sequel. - Randomator

I love this movie so much <3 I love the whole Donkey Kong arcade feel to it. I love that there's tons of game references and cameos but did you know that several Mario characters made cameos? Bowser was the most obvious, but there was two girls that resembled Daisy and Rosalina. Even Pauline made a small cameo. There's graffiti in one section of the movie that says "Free Pauline". - SweetBasil

3 District 9

District 18 - PeeledBanana

4 The Incredible Hulk

Of all the super heros with movies why does Hulk not have a second movie? - Randomator

This was so good and ended on tony stark and nick fury takking about him

Thor ragnarok will be about thor v hulk, just like cap america, civil war - VideoGamefan5

5 Jumper
6 Real Steel

Oh yes I agree - wren6

7 Inside Out (2015)

I wanna see what happens if Riley ever grew up.

8 Top Gun
9 Green Lantern

With wonder woman being quite impressive, I wouldn't mind a sequel to this fixing all the things wrong with the first film - VideoGamefan5

I don't care what you say It needs a sequel. - Randomator

10 Big Hero 6

The Contenders

11 Chicken Little

Best movie in my opinion

No way! this movie sucks - Randomator

12 Up

Nah, its not really necessary. Up is good on its own.

13 From Dusk Till Dawn
14 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
15 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
16 Rio 2

But Rio 2 is a sequel - Randomator

17 Kill Bill, Volume 2
18 Shark Tale
19 The Good Dinosaur
20 Chicken Run
21 Zootopia
22 The 40 Year Old Virgin
23 Speed Racer
24 Hancock
25 The Fifth Element

This film was AWESOME! It just needs another movie with Bruce Willis. Take Mila Jovovich away from the Resident Evil movies (because they suck) and make another damn Fifth Element sequel.

26 Team America: World Police
27 Hercules (1997)
28 The Monster Squad
29 Megamind
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