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1 The Dark Knight

Really a masterpiece.. Never thought a superhero movie could make you think.. Ledger's performance was easily one of the best of all times.. And the climax, only a mastermind like nolan can blame the superhero and get away with it... Can't complain!

Unlike The Avengers, The Dark Knight has a significant meaning behind it. Its about the results of following your own heart and taking the law under your won hands. This movie has proved that Chris Nolan did it all right. When I was watching the movie, I personally loved that movie and not just that, his techniques were proven well in that movie including his camera shot and also the complexing cuts between scenes

A movies which would b still viewed by many generations... Next to come.
And whenever I remember of this movie, one thing I feel sad about is that.. I have seen the movie and I wont ever experience that feeling of seeing this movie for the first time.
Just waiting for its next parts...

Okay, let's be honest, is any sane person going to vote anything other? Interstellar sure as heck doesn't deserve to be #3, in my opinion, my least favorite Nolan movie, but this right here is a must watch for anyone alive after it's release.

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2 Inception

What he has done you can't even think chris nolan is one of the greatest directors and this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen

He has made a masterpiece that surpasses the Dark Knight. It is an amazing film with a great soundtrack, awesome action and visual effects and an original storyline

the entrance shot itself was mind blowing... and rest of the movie kept on blowing my mind... hans zimmer's background score was a highlight... nolan is genius... the best director iv'e ever seen...

One and one best movie

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3 Interstellar

Incredible movie. Completely blew me away. The scope of the story is just amazing! Great music and one of the best scenes in the history of cinema (docking scene). The more you think about it, the more you realize that this movie is a true masterpiece. Incredible acting as well. Shows Oscars are completely worthless these days (it only got best Visual Effects, which in my opinion is an insult).

In my opinion the dark knight is the best. But I think interstellar deserves to be number 3. Its really good. Just amazing. And of course the music. Every three days I listen to it. Hans zimmer has done a great job.

In my opinion, this is certainly Nolan's best film and ONE OF THE BEST OF ALL TIME.. Unlike many others, the best I liked about this film is its ending. Superb directing, superb performances and undoubtedly very witty and clever..
Top films of Chris Nolan in my opinion :
1) Interstellar
2) Inception
3) The Dark knight
4) The Prestige
5) Memento
6), The Dark knight rises
7) Insomnia
8) Following

Best science fiction of all time

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4 Memento

All of his movies are directed well, but this one was so unique that it's hard to just forget.

Best movie by Nolan. Better than Inception. It is an underrated masterpiece. It is AWESOME - greendaykrm

Best movie I have ever watched! Loved it! No idea how someone can pull off a great movie while showing the ending first!

Never did like his Batman movies much, but this was clever and original. - truckturner

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5 The Dark Knight Rises

When I had seen its previous part ie the dark knight, I had thought 'nothing can be better than this". But only a genius like nolan could give us something even better! Without giving a second thought, I can say that the dark knight rises is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Nolan is a genius... His direction is flawless.. Simply great... Christian bale & tom hardy made the film to a high level...

I have never been more emotionally invested in a comic book movie.

Flawless film

This is one of his worst films (still good) - Thepassingzone

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6 The Prestige

Lovely movie... my god... what awesome piece of art... what awesome innovation... such an original script... true to its story, this movie stands out strongly... christopher nolan at his best of efforts... cristian bale rocking... Hugh's too good... awesome, all praises for the movie

Best movie by Nolan! Those who voted his other movies as better than this are either chutias(stupid) or they haven't watched this movie or they have watched but didn't understand. This is also the best thriller movie, twists and turns don't come of nowhere. Every conversation, every sentence in the movie is meaningful. Every action has meaning. Like, if someone has done something, why did they do that, there is always a reason. I think The Prestige and Memento are masterpiece. Other movies of Nolan are good but not great.

The best movie I have ever seen... Most people will never understand the depth of the movie if they only see movies on the surface. Nolan's moat intriguing movie ever. Interstellar is nothing in front of the Prestige

I loved all Nolan's films but this is far more impressive and entertaining than the Batman films

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7 Batman Begins

It is Darkest of all. - Raghavbakshiultimate

Best origin story, and a compelling story, perfectly done by the best director working today NOLAN

You do know that this is the first movie in Chris Nolan's batman trilogy? The dark knight is not.

For me, the best of Nolan's Batman trilogy. - Mrveteran

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8 Insomnia

Such an amazing movie! Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, and Robin Williams (R.I. P) all put in amazing performances! Very underrated!

This film is so underrated. It does have high ratings, but it is not as famous as it should be! - BoltMarksman

The best psychological movie ever made. Al Pacino was AWESOME.

The direction of this movie is genius

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9 Dunkirk

I know that Dunkirk just came out very recently, but it still deserves more than tenth on this list. It is, for me, by far the best War film I have ever seen. It really is an experiential film. It doesn't give you cheesy characters with pregnant wives back at home, but instead focuses on an entire battle, a battle that you feel like you are in. It takes three different stories on different timelines and ties them all into the same exact moment. Add in some fantastic direction (obviously) and a masterpiece of a soundtrack and you have one incredible movie.

Best War film I've ever seen

It's Not Even Out Yet But I Have A Feeling That This Will Be Brilliant

Here is my top 5 ranking :
1- Dunkirk
2- The Dark Knight
3- Inception
4- The Prestige
5- Memento

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10 Following

Nolan's filmography is so good that even a movie like Following comes at the last, but I personally think it's better than Insomnia. And you should absolutely give credit for making a movie with almost no budget. So there you go Following. - BipradipMandal

Solid movie. The ending wasn't enough for me though. I still think this movie is a major accomplishment. Nolan shot the film over a couple of weekends with his friends. That takes effort.

Easily the second position on the list. Just that very few people have watched it and it was his very first movie with low resources. And yet an amazing movie!

Only one factor attracted me to this movie-the ending.It made me say what.

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11 Doodlebug

A good start for a great director.

Strange film

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