Best Movies Directed By Quentin Tarantino


The Top Ten

1 Pulp Fiction

Best Movie of all time! A true cinema masterpiece

2 Kill Bill - Volume One

Don't ever compare a Tarantino movie to another Tarantino movie!

3 Reservoir Dogs
4 Inglourious Basterds

Even nazis would like it

5 Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Dicaprio give standout performances, but it's Christoph Waltz' performance that keeps me coming back, time and time again.
That, combined with great action and a meaningful storyline, make it my favourite Tarantino film.

This is Quentin's best movie

Pulp fiction is probably quentin's masterpiece but this one consacrated him as one of the best directors ever, he was it already, but now is in the olympus!

6 The Hateful Eight

I'm the Krishna - S235

The reason this movie is so underrated is because it hardly has anything comic in it. There are a few running gags and one or two comic relief moments, but for a Tarantino movie it is unusually dark. The characters are filled with rage, the violence is neither over-the-top nor in any way funny as in his other movies, and the overall story is exhausting, but that's the point.

I prefer it over "Django Unchained". Both movies are neo-westerns that center around racism, but Django appeared too hollywood-like to me. Everything is tidy, the plot is straightforward and driven by a love story, the customes look like something they wore in American western movies of the 50s. Tarantino movies never were that conventional. Sure, the characters, dialogs, performances and overall message are great, and it is a great movie. Really great.
But now look at Hateful 8: gritty, untidy, set in a cottage, rough, with non-linear storytelling, and overall with many 70s aesthetics. Tarantino has ...more - Martin_Canine

Higly underrated movie

7 Kill Bill - Volume Two
8 Jackie Brown
9 Death Proof
10 Sin City

Although Tarantino only directed about 5 minutes of the film, this is Robert Rodriguez's best movie. Full of great dialogue, amazing affects, good performances (most notably Micky Rourke, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, and Benecio Del Toro), and signature noir grit and gore, this movie is a blast ripped straight from the pages of Frank Miller's (who co-directed) graphic novel. Definitely worth a watch but not for the squeamish.

The Contenders

11 Four Rooms
12 Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
13 My Best Friend's Birthday
14 From Dusk Till Dawn

Yeah - S235

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1. Kill Bill - Volume One
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Jackie Brown
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Reservoir Dogs
3. Django Unchained
1. Kill Bill - Volume One
2. Kill Bill - Volume Two
3. Pulp Fiction

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