Top 10 Movies That Don't Deserve to Be On TheTopTens List of the Worst Movies of All Time


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21 The Nightmare Before Christmas

A masterpiece of animation, challenging perceptions and a happy ending. What's not to like?

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22 Brokeback Mountain

Seriously your gonna bring out the whole "Adam and Eve" thing. - egnomac

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23 Toy Story 3
24 The Hunger Games
25 Dumbo V 1 Comment
26 Shrek
27 Chicken Little
28 Dumb and Dumber
29 The Wizard of Oz
30 The Little Mermaid

I just added add the other movies on the list Worst Disney Movies of All Time that don't deserve it. I mean, how can you hate, Dumbo, Gordy, The Rescuers, or Oliver & Company?!

I can't believe most of the Disney Classics were on the list for worst movies, What was wrong with whoever made that list

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31 Godzilla: Final Wars
32 Spider-Man 3
33 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
34 Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Low budget, high intellect comedy.

35 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

You can just blame 2 people for adding this, it's either a Troll or Justin Bieber Himself - Martinglez

That Should Deserve To Be In The Top Worst Movie List

This is #1 on the worst movies of all time. I'm serious.

Don't judge a book by its cover - Sparkjolt

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36 Finding Nemo
37 The Emperor's New Groove
38 Guardians of the Galaxy
39 Brave
40 Oliver & Company
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