Movies that Drove the MPAA Crazy

The Top Ten

1 Sausage Party
2 Freddy Got Fingered

Is this a snuff? - XxembermasterxX

3 Galaxy Quest
4 Cannibal Holocaust

There was a whole controversy about this one, people thought that it was a snuff film and the director was almost convicted. He brought in the actors (who were still alive naturally), and he was cleared. The controversy surrounding this would certainly warrant a high placement.

Why isn't this not rated!? It should be rated NC-17!

The MPAA never rated it, so it's highly likely that it's not a movie the MPAA watched. - nerffan8000

5 Simpsons Movie
6 2001: A Space Odyssey
7 World War Z
8 Poltergeist
9 A Clockwork Orange
10 Howard the Duck

The Contenders

11 Fritz the Cat

The only animated film to date to hold the infamous X rating.

12 The Hate U Give
13 The Emoji Movie

Oh great. Another decent list idea ruined by people who didn't get the point of the list and instead adding a random movie they hate. - B1ueNew

I didn't add this, but someone likely added this because the movie probably drove them crazy because it's so god-awful. - KalloFox34

Just because a movie is bad doesn't mean it effects the rating system. It's clearly rated PG and it's ment to be rated PG. And yes, I hate this movie too. - LightningStrike

14 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Now THIS is an animated movie the MPAA would REALLY be driven crazy by, as opposed to The Emoji Movie.

15 Showgirls
16 Team America: World Police
17 Kids
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