Top Ten Movies for Autistic People


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1 Rain Man

The movie is very magnificent and very much an emotional tearjerker of Raymond and Charles having an binding relationship of true brothers of family - Kevinsidis

You're kidding, right? It's so insensitive and stereotypical to us! - ETNMystic

2 Mary and Max
3 Temple Grandin

One of the most influential autistics of all time and yet I consider Einstein my favorite autistic celebrity - Kevinsidis

4 Adam
5 The Story of Luke
6 My Name is Khan
7 Life, Animated
8 The Boy Who Could Fly

I'm not autistic but I can see why you chose this. I just thought I was the only person who'd not only heard of it, but watched it too. It's just one of those unforgettable and gentle films. I'm glad to find I never imagined this film all those years ago. - Britgirl

9 Under the Piano
10 Autism in Love

The Contenders

11 Toy Story

@Floral Disney movies is very well you could put movies that the plot doesn't include an autistic being but the appealing orb itself - Kevinsidis

12 Forrest Gump

He's not autistic! Just intellectually disabled - Kevinsidis

Heartwarming - Not_A_Weeaboo

13 The Emoji Movie

Someone who added this is an hater and try to offend my own being nice try dinks! - Kevinsidis

This is offensive to autistic people - Mcgillacuddy

...and here comes a bunch of Political correctness and how horrible that person was...move to California to a sanctuary city if you feel this way - RustyNail

Can people stop using Autism as a insult? Not saying you are Kevinsidis but it gets old...

14 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
15 Song of the Sea
16 Mozart and the Whale
17 Barney's Great Adventure

Still this is offensive to my own being Ok I could do this all the phases of day - Kevinsidis


18 Avatar
19 Tommy

The rock-opera movie by the Who. - clusium

Thanks Kevinsidis, for the correction. - clusium

20 The Shawshank Redemption
21 Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
22 A Mile in His Shoes
23 Ben X
24 BoBoiBoy: The Movie

Still this is offensive man somebody needs redemption upon their ego right? - Kevinsidis

25 Dear John
26 Wonder

If you switch the theme and plot of it well it will be like that as an simile - Kevinsidis

27 The Goonies
28 Godzilla (1998)


29 The Waterboy
30 Napoleon Dynamite
31 Where the Wild Things Are
32 Guardians of the Galaxy
33 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
34 Finding Nemo
35 Finding Dory
36 Saban's Power Rangers
37 Land Before Time
38 Black Panther
39 The Godfather
40 The Godfather, Part II
41 The Godfather, Part III
42 Blade Runner
43 The Secret of Kells
44 A Silent Voice
45 Wolf Children
46 The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice
47 Your Name
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1. Rain Man
2. Mary and Max
3. Temple Grandin


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