Top 10 Movies That Have Mixed Reviews

Do you love movies? So do I! Here are some films some people have the exact opposite opinion of. NONE OF THESE COMMENTS ARE MY OPINIONS!

The Top Ten Movies That Have Mixed Reviews

1 Pulp Fiction

Mostly because of its lack of originality. Non linear story telling comes from Stanley Kubrick's movie " the killing " and some late fifties - early sixties movies from Jean Luc Goddard. Other ingredients in Pulp Fiction comes from Robert Aldrich's movie " Kiss me deadly " and an Elvis Presley movie " Speedway ". It's in fact a copy of all really groundbreaking movies from the past. It's still an very good movie but Quentin Tarantino did get away with too much credit. Taking ideas from existing movies and put them all in a movie is not what I'm calling being a talented scriptwriter and director.

Good Review: This movie is just plain brutal, but it's also kick-ass! Also, they speak to you in a special way.
Bad Review: Boring. Let's talk about blueberry pancakes for fifteen minutes! - MontyPython

Personally my favorite film. - BeatlesFan1964

It's At 94% On Rotten Tomatoes - JPK

2 The Exorcist

Good Review: Deep, dark, amazing! You can look at this movie in different ways! It can be horrifying to some, but it can be not scary for others. To me, it's a saddening, terrifying film.

Bad Review: Psh. Really? Not scary AT ALL. This movie made me laugh! - MontyPython

3 Fifty Shades of Grey

Nah, I think reception was primarily negative. It makes sense since why would ANYONE tolerate this mess of a film.

Not me, I couldn't watch this film without falling asleep or laugh at how bad the acting was - Quart

25% On RT Means Negative Reviews - JPK

Good Review(? ): A tragic, beautiful film about showing how love is done in the wrong way.

Bad Review: Two words. Mind. Rape. That's about it. - MontyPython

4 2001: A Space Odyssey

It's a good movie because of the interesting themes it presents. Not to mention that this is a science film. I can't even say science fiction because some if not a lot the technology in this film has been developed and is being used today!

What doesn't;t make it the greatest however is how long it actually goes. If you are a person that prefers fast paced action then clearly this film isn't for you

Originally Met With Mixed Reviews, Now Seen As A Masterpiece - BeatlesFan1964

Good Review: You really have to appreciate this film to like it. The effects, the acting, the story, all of it, GENIUS!

Bad Review: I almost fell asleep. Watching spaceships dance to the Blue Danube isn't that amusing. Where's HAL? - MontyPython

5 Grown Ups

Good Review: Adam Sandler made a comeback! This film is compassionate and hilarious!

Bad Review: UGH! Stupid jokes, bad friendship, and terrible family. - MontyPython

Any comedy that Adam Sandler has done since 2000 sucks. - BeatlesFan1964

6 Jurassic World

Good Review: PERFECT! Better than the original!

Bad Review: All effects. You can't really get into the characters. I only got sad when the dinosaurs died. - MontyPython

72% Is Decent - JPK

7 Titanic

Good Review: Amazing effects, beautiful love story, it really touches your heart!

Bad Review: Yawn. Another chick flick. The only part I paid attention to was the nude scene and the sex scene. Haha. - MontyPython

8 The Dark Knight

And here... We... Go...

Best Batman movie ever! How can anyone hate this? - IpodSwagger

Oh, and just why is Ledger stupid?

It Got Universal Acclaim - JPK

9 Frozen

People either loved it or hated it - NicholasYellow

10 The Lion King

Good Review Classic Disney. Sigh My childhood.

Bad Review Awful and overrated! I don't get the love! It's stupid and childish! - MontyPython

One Of The Greatest Animated Movies Of All Time Along With Toy Story - FettiMC

Pefect film. You can't be human and dislike this.

The Contenders

11 The Hunger Games
12 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Pandering, unoriginal, uninteresting, and childish. All show, no substance. Disney didn't try hard at all.

13 Whiteout

Despite the bad critics for this Kate Beckinsale movie I found this film very watchable. And a Kate Beckinsale stripping in her underwear is Always a Delight to see. Should have melt the snow in the rest of the film.

14 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Good Review: This Movie is the Best of the Prequel Trilogy, and deserves to be held to the same standard as the Originals!

Bad Review: Overacted and underacted, this film is as bad as the rest of the prequels.

15 The Mask
16 Spaceballs
17 Rio 2

This movie isn't as bad as some people say it's just weaker than the original but not to the point of being bad.

Not as good as the 1st movie but it's not a bad film

18 Minions

Critics: Mixed
Me: Pretty Good - JPK

19 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
20 Dumb and Dumber

Calling this the best comedy of all time is what I call very dumb!

21 Flatland
22 The Blair Witch Project
23 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
24 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
25 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
26 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
27 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
28 The Angry Birds Movie

Good Review: Funny Jokes, Good Animation, Nice Plot,

Bad Review: Annother Bad VideoGame Movie, A Pointless And Unfunny Film - VideoGamefan5

29 Warcraft

Good Review: Dark And Visual Stunning, Not The Best, But Good

Bad Review: Pretty Much Same As The Angry Birds Movie, But With Mismatch Visuals - VideoGamefan5

30 Les Miserables (2012)
31 Billy Madison

They should make a T.V. show out of this. Just saying.

32 Carrie (2013)

Good Review(For those who've never seen the 1976 version): The gore and prom scene was amazing and the acting was believable.

Bad review (For those who did see the original): The movie felt bloated and Chloe was too nice to play Carrie. Her acting was questionable and all the cast were too hollywood for their roles. It was boring from what they attempted to add.

33 Margot at the Wedding
34 Zootopia
35 Alien: Covenant

Initially, Reviews Were Positive (73% On Opening Weekend)
Then As Time Went On, The Tomatometer Score Went Down To 68% By November 2017 - JPK

36 Wrong Turn
37 Trolls

Good review: magical kids movie with a great message

Bad review: too childish!

38 Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas
39 Cars
40 Good Burger
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