Movies With Hottest Erotic Scenes


The Top Ten

1 9 1/2 Weeks
2 Sliver
3 Wild Orchid
4 Basic Instinct

Wow, Sharon Stone was Amazing, and Lip Attracting In this Flick, I'd Love to get a Chance of a Lead Role with her in the Movie...
Must watch, Sharon's Body is Fascinating..

5 Body of Evidence

MADONNA! Full frontal! Nuff Said! - Zordon2010

6 Fatal Attraction
7 Unfaithful
8 The Dreamers
9 American Pie
10 Striptease

Demi Moore is great

Dami Moore is dam beautiful and sexy.

The Contenders

11 Showgirls

Very weird but sensual.not for sexual pleasure but for its uniqueness. when you watch the scene you will be like what but it will incline you towards watching the scene.enjoyable

12 Body Heat
13 Mr. & Mrs. Smith
14 Disclosure
15 Troy
16 Cold Heart
17 Don't Look Now
18 Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession
19 Fifty Shades Darker
20 American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
21 The Thomas Crown Affair
22 Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
23 Barb Wire

We know the reasons this dumb-*ss action movie was made. It's totally a d*ck flick and it's AWESOME. The opening scene is so hot and the leather clothes Pam is wearing are just damn sexy.

24 Killing Me Softly
25 Mother and Child

Naomi Watts full frontal. Sensual and sexy hot! Just look at the scene where she's waiting lying on her bed with her skirt move up. So hot!

26 Whiteout
27 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
28 Fifty Shades of Grey
29 Staying on Top
30 Deadpool
31 Fifty Shades Freed
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