Top Ten Movies Most Likely to Win the 2015 Best Picture Oscar


The Top Ten

1 The Grand Budapest Hotel
2 Boyhood
3 Interstellar

One of the best films I've seen. Creative and Brilliant with an ending to think about.

Brilliant, exciting and amazing film that kept me thinking after is was over. The music backround drowned out the dialogue in certain scenes. It was still great!

What the hell happen with the oscars? Why never give a chance to Christopher Nolan?

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4 American Sniper

Brilliant, as always can't fault Bradley cooper he's a walking god!

Was the movie that deserved best picture.

5 Birdman
6 Gone Girl

This is the best movie of the lead actress. wowowowowowowowow

7 Whiplash
8 Big Eyes
9 The Imitation Game
10 Unbroken

The book was better. Jolie still do a good job

The Contenders

11 Grace of Monaco
12 Selma
13 Serena
14 Star Wars: Episode VII
15 The Theory of Everything
16 Terminator: Genesis
17 Kingsman: The Secret Service
18 The LEGO Movie

Likely to win Best Animated Feature, but probably not Best Picture.

Unlikely it'll even be nominated but as a regular movie it is one of the best of the year.

19 The Judge
20 Straight Outta Compton
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