A Prelude To 2015 Academy Awards: A Review To The Favourite Nominees To Best Motion Picture

This post may contain spoilers on certain movies. If you want to check a review on a movie, search the title on the post and check its review. The reviews contain both a subjective overview on each of the movies analyzed as well as the most objective possible view.

Welcome, my fellow moviegoers, welcome to this humble prelude to the 87th Oscars. It is I, keyson, in an attempt to analyze the elite among the most outstanding films chosen by the well-known Academy. The movies we will have the delight of analyzing today have been picked up specially for the time, chosen as my 4 personal favourite among the 8 outstanding chosen (ok, ok, I haven't watched the others). In any case, let's not go into senseless ramble and let's check out the reviews for "Boyhood", "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)", "Whiplash" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" with an extra bonus, which as a proud argentinian I am I couldn't leave behind: A review on "Wild Tales", nominated to Best Foreign Picture.


There is no wonder why this movie is chosen. It portrays the story of real-ish American people living their normal and real lives, with their intense feelings and everything surrounding their so normal experience of growing. But in a strange yet masterful way, the essence of the movie is such, and feels so real, that it implies a revolution of cinema as we know it. We are used to watching action films filled with shots and thrilling fast-paced events that blow our minds until we can't get enough of it, with such irreal events that are quite expected, because they keep us entertained and with a smile to knowing it's exactly wwhat we've paid to watch. But Boyhood kills all the expectations you have given the past movies you've seen and shows you a world that may not be yours, but is a possible world, in which the camera just takes the role of filming kind of a home made video probably much like the ones you have in your old wardrobe. Boyhood is art. It's the essence of a possible person's life which could easily make you, real person, feel identified.

But in its artistic whole, it is a boring movie. You have to be prepared to see something that is not the usual thing you're used to see in any other movie, for different it is. You could really love this movie, but at the same time you could waste a terrible time you would rather use watching senseless movies like 2012 or The Starving Games. There's no wonder why this movie has been chosen, in fact they spent 12 years to create this metaphor of the uncertainty of life we people have to deal with for being reasonable. But in my personal case, though I recognize Boyhood as a wonderful piece of art, it is a boring movie which sledomly takes out a smile, the same smile you could take by living your own life.

So this is my final score to the movie, considering both as a piece of art and as a moving movie.

Score: 8.4

General Overview

Birdman explores the feelings of an old film actor as he prepares to release his first play in Broadway. If you are expecting to see a superhero movie like Batman or The Avengers, this movie probably isn't for you.

But Birdman and IƱarritu fails to provide the audience an argument worthy of the hall of fame. Some dialogues are quite fun, the script is excellent in every movement and spirit, as well as some extremely few but remarkably special effects which actually make the movie keep watchable and interesting until the very ending, but the actual plot of the movie is lame. And that's why I feel the best thing of Birdman is its capability of making you keep watching it until the end despite its poor plot that goes round and round until the very last images. And that's a merit.

Score: 8.1


Andrew Neyman is a potential top drummer and studies in the most prestigious music college of the country. When a professor invites him to join his prestigious band, he expects perfection and in its search for it he uses exigent and unorthodox methods. Only willpower and effort can help Andrew achieve his dream of becoming one of the best drummers ever.

The expectancy of what will happen next never ceases, and the turning of events never ceases to surprise, quite most times with a great outcome. Whiplash is one of those movies that will keep you stuck to the screen until the very ending of it, in a wonderful parade of talent, tension and intense feelings. One of the best movies of the ceremony, yet not my personal favourite.

Score: 9.1

General Overview

This movie shows the thrilling adventure of a hotel manager and a lobby boy in their pursuit to keep a painting that is rightfully theirs from the hands of a spoiled rich boy.

Score: 9.4


This particular year the competition seems to be so close, yet I will try to make a guessing here.

My guessing is Boyhood will win 2015 Best motion Picture Award.

But my opinion is The Grand Budapest Hotel should win.

Wild Tales (Bonus Review)

General Aproach

Wild Tales is a series of six short stories which have a common topic: Excessive Anger

As an Argentinian I am, I couldn't leave this wonderful picture behind when it is so worthy of so much. The six tales are in a wonderful equilibrium that create goose bumps in the viewer and yet is so funny despite the unbalanced yet possible peculiar events that are told as the movie progresses. It keeps the laughter high, it portrays possible realistic events in sompletely different places and despite it has not a lined argument, there it lies its brilliancy, for the tales keep an outstanding equilibrium that make this movie worthy of any positive award. Its 6 stories have a thrilling plot each, which will make you keep connected until the very ending, in which you will smile as you try to proceed with the hard task of figuring which tale you loved the most, in a really dark comedy in which you will not be able to stop that paradoxical feeling of laughing despite the fact that along the movie the intensity of the tragedies keep constant. Definetly, in my very subjective opinion, the best movie of the year.

Score: 9.7

Thanks for reading these reviews. See you next time when some extraordinary world event warrants a blog post. Until then.



Unluckily a glitch took the titles off, as well as some parts of the reviews, and the entire "The Grand Budapest Hotel" review. - keyson

I agree here, I was truly dissapointed when I saw Birdman won - simpsondude

I think Michael Keaton should have won the Oscar. He was brilliant in "Birdman". On the other hand, I'm so glad Julianne Moore won - one of the most amazing actresses in the world! Also, I kept my fingers crossed for Laura Dern but she didn't win.

Rene Russo should have been nominated in the category "Best Supporting Actress". Her acting in "Nightcrawler" was fantastic! - Irina2932

Michael Keaton was outstanding in his acting, but I think that particular oscar was well given, and I don't see much wonder in the boyhood actress. She had to perform a normal woman, she did just that. Many can do that. - keyson

I wanted Rosamund Pike to win Best Actress, to be honest - simpsondude