Top 10 Movies With the Most Emotional Scenes

This list is for the movies that have touched your heart or taught you a valuable life lesson. They are the movies that spear the sensitive heart and also inspire people in life.

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1 The Lion King

Yes it's an animation movie arguably directed at children but that it is not. This masterpiece is one of Disney's greatest creations, never in this day and age of film making will we see such a strong hearted family film. Everything from the life like scenary and marvelous soundtrack make this is a MUST HAVE for any film collection. - chloewebb01

That's a LIE! The Lion King is NOT that kinda film for any child to watch!

I remember cying at the bit that simba's father gets killed by all the wildebeast when I was little. - munkee_linc97

2 Stepmom

New girlfriend meets ex wife, the trials and episodic emotions they face are understandable to everyone. The way in which Julia Roberts & Susan Sarandon carry their roles was brilliant. Both went hand in hand. The ending was nothing short of bliss and everything the viewer would desire. Excellent. - chloewebb01

3 Blood Diamond

Excellent and creative plot, Sensational cast. Leaves you feeling inspired. - chloewebb01

4 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
5 Titanic

Who hasn't seen this? If you answered 'Me', Get to your local movie store! 5 stars. Actually, 6! - chloewebb01

6 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Anything directed by 'speilberg' is effortlessly grand. The story of boy meets alien is always good, but this was the original and still the best. Generations of familys always dust off this classic to show the little ones. - chloewebb01

7 Mary and Max

Way underrated. Needs more recognition as it is an exceptional cinematic marvel. - chloewebb01

8 My Best Friend's Wedding

I cannot fight the tears through this film! I'm always led to believe I know the characters personally due to the great cast and the true heart warming tale. - chloewebb01

9 Mrs. Doubtfire

Fabulous acting from Robin Williams, To carry off a role of the opposite sex is one thing, but to pull it off with complete convincing is another! - chloewebb01

10 Interstellar

The Contenders

11 The Green Mile
12 Hachi: A Dog's Tale
13 A Walk to Remember

When she tells him she's dying. Extremely emotional scene.

14 Bride Wars

Best friends sharing the same dream and fighting each other for it, with comedy and emotion splashed in.. GREAT! - chloewebb01

15 21 Grams

Pure emotions from Sean Penn and Naomi Watts...
Simply makes you cry and strike your heart... ;'(

16 American Beauty
17 Grave of the Fireflies
18 Hotel Rwanda
19 Miss Congeniality

Tough on the outside but inside is an insecure person. Finally learning to become a woman in mid life haha. Tops! - chloewebb01

20 Star Trek (2009)

George Kirk's death at the start :(

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