Top 10 Movies That Need Remakes


The Top Ten

1 The Shining

No, it’s perfect already - Weirdest-thing

They plan to make a movie or a T.V. series

2 Alien

Hey it would be a good idea - SOUTHPARKFANHH

You got it and Prometheus

3 Iron Man

No! Robert Downey Jr. is legend!

4 Gremlins

They did not want to do but already in production

5 Rodan

Hey it could be a nice adaptation - SOUTHPARKFANHH

6 Jurassic Park
7 Jaws
8 Child's Play

That would be good. As long as they get a great voice actor. - BeatlesFan1964

9 King Kong vs. Godzilla

Plans are before this

10 The Mummy

Comes 2016

The Contenders

11 Aladdin
12 White Zombie
13 The Godfather
14 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Hey add Tim burton to do this film - SOUTHPARKFANHH

15 Flash Gordon
16 Batman & Robin
17 King Kong
18 The Creature from the Black Lagoon

That would actually be an awesome remake of this masterpiece! - MontyPython

19 Fantastic Voyage
20 The Last Airbender

I completely agree on this one. I like, no LOVE, M. Night Shyamalan’s movies (Sixth Sense and Signs are some of my all time favorites), but he just wasn’t the best choice to direct this movie. Definitely needs a remake.

21 Stay Alive
22 Battlefield Earth
23 Spawn
24 Ghost Rider

This is 1 of those movies that if it gets remade, they should go for a hard R, I really like the first movie but I will admit that the PG-13 rating was kinda holding it back

25 Shrek
26 Battle: Los Angeles
27 Super Mario Bros.

This is actually getting a remake. Nintendo’s working with Illumination to make a computer animated Mario film.

28 Pearl Harbor
29 Doom (2005)
30 Frozen
31 The Matrix
32 Warcraft
33 Saw
34 Darkman
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