Top Ten Movies People Attack You for Not Liking


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21 Mulan
22 Captain America: Civil War
23 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I like this movie and I won't attack you if you don't like it - christangrant

24 Toy Story 3
25 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
26 Tangled
27 Arrival
28 Trolls
29 Treasure Planet
30 Inside Out
31 A Clockwork Orange
32 Big Hero 6
33 Shrek
34 Brokeback Mountain

This was actually good unlike Titanic - jack2244

It's just "Titanic" for gay men and yaoi fangirls really.

35 Moana

Haven't seen it. - mattstat716

36 The Angry Birds Movie

Come on, everybody hates this! - Entranced98

37 The Hunger Games
38 Hugo
39 The Lion King

Yeah, people want you to treat it the way you wanted to be treated and they even go as far as calling the police on you if you say one negative thing on it which should never hurt people at all. It's called an "opinion", people. Whatever happened to free speech? These brats are one of the reasons why this is a horrible movie/franchise on many levels, next to the characters.

People so kill you for it

I used to like it a lot, but then I watched it waaay too much and I started to hate it. I like the 2nd movie better than this one. People hate the second because it's "not the original" and "it rips off Romeo and Juliette" but the 1st is based off another Shakespeare play. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

40 Finding Dory
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