Top 10 Movies People Call the Best Movie of a Year but Aren't

This list is not opinionated, it's specifically saying a movie is the most overrated in the year it came out in

The Top Ten

1 Forrest Gump

Pulp Fiction and sawshank are better.

2 Titanic

Sappy romance movie. Look, I believe this film has a brilliant cast. But I'm sorry Cameron, I have to go against this movie. You put in a brilliant cast, but this is, just, not the movie for the brilliant cast. And one last thing, how is Titanic preferred over Life is Beautiful? - jack2244

You should have put Zootopia and Frozen here - christangrant

3 The Empire Strikes Back

I'm going to put it this way. I love this movie. It is one of my favorite movies. But even then, I don't believe it's the best movie of 1980. Yes, I just disagreed with The Empire Strikes Back being the best movie of 1980. Fight me, but I have found a movie I prefer over it. Wondering what that is? Raging Bull - jack2244

4 Fight Club

I apologize that I added this. I could argue whether The Matrix or Fight Club could get the fourth spot any day. I could even say American Beauty is a possibility for #4. But today, I'm going with Fight Club. I even could've gone with South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Now I love these movies I just mentioned above, but I prefer The Green Mile over all of them. - jack2244

5 Star Wars

Wait, your kidding. I just read this was the best movie of 1977? Okay, this isn't an exaggeration. It is a good movie, but sometimes I find it as a hit-and-miss. I preferred Close Encounters of the Third Kind over Star Wars. I even preferred A Bridge Too Far over both of them combined. - jack2244

6 The Maltese Falcon

Okay, you might think I'm joking on this item but I have read some articles claiming The Maltese Falcon to be the best 1941 movie. I honestly think it's a big exaggeration. And I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain what I find superior to the movie. - jack2244

7 The Wizard of Oz

Again, I love this movie, but even then I prefer Gone with the Wind, Gunga Din, Stagecoach and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - jack2244

8 Frozen
9 Beauty and the Beast

I respect your opinion but I prefer Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Silence of the Lambs - jack2244

10 Edward Scissorhands

Wait, this awful film (no offense if you like it) is actually preferred over Goodfellas? A film, with an actor I surprisingly dislike, is preferred over Scorsese's classic and rewatchable gangster movie. - jack2244

The Contenders

11 The Dark Knight Rises

Sorry Nolan fanboys, but Marvel's 'Avengers Assemble' was the better movie. Honestly this movie is merely OK. - SuperSonic17

12 The Lion King
13 The Avengers
14 Zootopia
15 Jurassic Park

Again, a movie I absolutely love, and I mean love when I say it. Even then, I prefer the sad and disturbing but classic Schindler's List. Heh, surprising because they are both Spielberg movies. Either way, they are fantastic movies and some of Spielberg's crowning achievements. - jack2244

16 Chicago
17 The Fox and the Hound
18 Oliver & Company
19 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Nobody even called it the best movie of any year - jack2244

20 Suicide Squad
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