Top Ten Movies That People Either Love or Hate


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41 Kick-Ass
42 Independence Day
43 Lion King

I hate this movie, it sucks big time, and I'm not a bad person...

Seriously, you peeps. Not everyone is gonna like this movie. Not everyone is going to agree with one another. Stop claiming it as the "best" when it's far from it. The Lion King has permanent flaws which you cannot deny.

Who hates Lion King, the best Disney movie of all time?

How could someone hate this incredible movie. One of the most sad yet amazing films in all of history. Without this movie (along with Finding Nemo, Cars, Wall-E, Toy Story), you didn't have much of a childhood. - Beatlesboy9

Who can hate this movie? Trolls that's who!
Just look at any positive list that has TLK on it and you'll see at least 2 haters saying something negative about it begging for attention

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44 Les Miserables
45 The Deer Hunter
46 8 Mile V 1 Comment
47 Taxi Driver

One of the most outstanding performances of Robert De Niro, an outstanding Harvey Keitel, a good script, outstanding directed by Martin Scorsese, outstanding movie soundtrack... What idiots doesn't like this movie?

Are you talking' to me?

48 Kick-Ass 2
49 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
50 The Nightmare Before Christmas

How can anyone hate this Tim Burton masterpiece? I love this movie.

51 Cars 2
52 The Master of Disguise
53 Dumb and Dumber
54 Iron Man 2
55 The Angry Birds Movie
56 Zootopia
57 One Direction: This Is Us

This movie is so overrated

58 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Only fangirls would love this trash.

59 The Interview

One of the funniest

60 The Breakfast Club
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