Top 10 Movies that People Hate Because They Hear They're Terrible


The Top Ten

1 Suicide Squad
2 Ice Age: Collision Course
3 Hulk (2003)

I kinda liked the film to be honest. I think most people hate it because it's too long and it's not really your typical super hero movie. It focuses a lot more on the Hulks character and his past rather than relying on a lot of action scenes. The special effects were also ok for the time I guess, not as bad as some people claim they are. - MouldyWalrus

4 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
5 Howard the Duck
6 Walking With Dinosaurs
7 Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
8 Nine Lives (2016)
9 Pixels

It was a good movie - Thecyanryan

I liked it

1. Suicide Squad, I seen it, hated it
2. Ice age: Collision course, Seen it, hated it
3. Hulk (2003), I always disliked the cgi of it
4. Batman v Superman: seen it, hated it,
5. Howard the duck, gross as crap, yet its PG,
6. Walking with dinosaurs, never watched,
7. DBZ: DZ, never watched it yet,
8. 9L, (2016), never seen, never Will
9. Pixels, seen it, kind of liked it
10. Green lantern, bland, just not entertaining, either, this is just my opinion, not meant to start arguments, if you have different opinions that's fine - VideoGamefan5

10 Green Lantern

The Contenders

11 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
12 Frozen
13 Ghost in the Shell
14 Transformers
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