Top Ten Movies People Hate Because They Think It's Cool to Do So

Since Finch created Top Ten Music Artists People Hate Because They Think It's Cool to Do So, I wanted to do the list that focuses on movies people hate because it's cool to hate it. If you know which widely hated Disney movie that I really like, you will know what's going to be #1.

The Top Ten

1 Frozen

This list's topic made me realize something: at FIRST it was hated for being overrated but SINCE THEN it's evolved into being hated because it's cool to hate it. SERIOUSLY. This is one of the WORST Internet fads EVER!

People only hate this movie because the majority of people like it. But I guess that is a hater in a nutshell.

The Lion King's fanbase is to blame. They will hate on every movie that isn't The Lion King, this one is no exception.

People don't just hate on movies because they think it's cool, it's called criticism.

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2 Chicken Little

If it weren't for Frozen, this would be Disney's most overhated movie ever. Honestly, I really like it. SO WHAT if it's not The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast? It's still really good. If you want a CGI animated movie from the mid-2000s that SHOULD be hated, go to YouTube and search for Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale.

This movie I dislike because I just don't think it's a good movie. - BKAllmighty

Which apparently means you think you're cool, according to the (nonsense) logic of these lists. Or did they mean "some" people? Thought police. - Billyv

No one likes this

May be bad, but still better than TLK... Heck, any movie or such is better than TLK!

3 Twilight

The movie that started the vampire craze. It's even more polarizing than Frozen.

It's not cool to hate it, it's just trash anyway.

Because it's pretty amateurish, and the CGI is a joke.

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4 Bolt

Not as hated as Frozen, but there seems to be a trend of hatred of every modern Disney movie since this very film.

This movie is good. Just because Miley Cyrus is in it doesn't mean it's horrible. I mean, she's a terrible actress, but here she was probably at her best. - Swellow

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5 Brave

Pixar's most underrated movie ever. It's hated for all the WRONG REASONS - just like Frozen.

I actually really like this movie. Nothing really wrong with it. - AnonymousChick

This is just boring

6 Gordy

Reviews at IMDb and from the Rotten Tomatoes have called it one of or even THE worst movie ever, for the exact OPPOSITE reason as Frozen: because it's UNDERRATED. From what I've seen, over half TheTopTens community has only seen it or even heard of it because of me, and it's like that for people I know in real life too. It's the most underrated movie ever, and the lowest rated movie at IMDb that I've ever seen that was actually GOOD.

7 Star Wars the Phantom Menace

I'm not saying it's a great movie but still it doesn't deserve the amount of hate it gets.

In my opinion, it's star wars, and anything star wars is good. - AnonymousChick

Not as bad as Attack of the Clones

An underrated gem in the Star Wars saga. Better than TLJ.

8 Tangled

And thus the hatred of modern Disney movies continues. But at least it wasn't as hated until AFTER Frozen came out, because then they had another movie to compare it to.

Love it, very entertaining film. - BeatlesFan1964

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9 Inside Out

I don't hate this movie but I don't like it too much. I guess it's cool to not like it because it's way too scary for kids. Kids movies can be a little scary (like Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) but this pushes it too far. Don't believe me, watch it yourself. That's why I don't like it too much. It's powerful and imaginative, but too scary. It's for people who enjoy running out of the theater carrying screaming kids.

Like some of these, it's hated for being overrated. Look at the "Most helpful" reviews at IMDb for example.

Amazing movie, one of Pixar's best. - BeatlesFan1964

It's great! Anyone who hates it is bad person. - AnonymousChick

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10 Cars

It seems like most of the hate steams from the sequel...

Agreed - VideoGamefan5

Awful. - BeatlesFan1964

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11 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
12 Balto

Mistaken as a Lion King knock-off when it's not. Plus, non-Disney features get too much hate when it's better to see or enjoy them as what they are.

13 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

If you hate the first 2, I definitely get it. The plots were boring, the CGI was excessive, the characters were unlikable (especially crybaby Anakin in episode 2), and the acting was awful. Episode 3 was an improvement. Not as good as the original trilogy, but at least it felt like a Star Wars movie and had some cool moments. It has problems, but it's a decent movie. - Zach808

This movie was great. People hate it just because its 2 predecessors were average. This one was actually great. The hate on this movie represents peoples ignorance at its best.

This is a spectacular movie, possibly the best in the entire Star Wars saga tied with ANH. Why do people hate this?

Loved it. NObody should hate it. - AnonymousChick

14 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Yeah it was slightly too long but if it was cut short by 30 mins, it could've been the best Pirates of the Caribbean film since the first one.

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15 Batman & Robin

Nope! I Hate This Movie Beacause
- Bat Nipples
- Bat Credit Card
- Bad Batmobile
- Bad Costumes
- Robin Is Annoying
- Mr Freeze Puns
- And Other Reasons - VideoGamefan5

16 Cars 2

Nah, It Deserves Its Hate
It Ruined My Childhood

17 Iron Man 3
18 The Princess and the Frog

Yep, another hated modern Disney movie, following the tread started by Bolt one year earlier.

Where is this hated? Everyone loves it and expects everyone else to love it! FYI, I'm not a fan.

It's because of the ethnic diversity,making black people neither offended in the reviews or joyful due to forst having a black official princess and a villain. - kontrahinsunu

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19 Pokemon: The First Movie

The Pokemon movies are overhated it is not funny... They may not be the best movies around but they still have their loyal fans and they're still better than The Lion King.

20 Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Same thing with Phantom, its not that great but doesn't deserve the hate

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