Top Ten Movies People Like Because They Think It's Cool to Do So

This is a list of movies that people think it's cool to like. I actually like some of these movies myself.

The Top Ten

1 Spirited Away
2 Dumb and Dumber
3 The Godfather

No. But because it's a GREAT MOVIE.

This us a great movie

4 Fantasia

And it magnifies the wholesale lack of talent in animation today. Particularly in anime.

Perhaps one of the greatest movies of all time. - jack2244

5 The Nightmare Before Christmas
6 The Godfather Part II

Actually, as sequels go, it's excellent. Shoulda ended here, though. Three was nearly a cartoon.

7 Reservoir Dogs
8 Pulp Fiction
9 Goodfellas
10 The Empire Strikes Back

The Contenders

11 Forrest Gump
12 Star Wars

I have never ever watched Star Wars. I might like it if I watched it but if I DO watch it and I find I DO actually like it, it won't be because I think it's"cool" to say I do. I have my own mind and I am not a sheep. - Britgirl

I like some of these movies and I don't think it's cool to do so, but people seemingly do. - jack2244

13 Return of the Jedi
14 The Lego Movie
15 The Matrix
16 The Wolf of Wall Street

A ridiculous movie starring a wildly overrated imbecile.

17 The Lion King
18 Straight Outta Compton
19 The Shawshank Redemption
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