Top Ten Movies that People Love that Aren't that Good


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21 Toy Story 3

For me it was the worst in the series, even though it was enjoyable at some parts, and the story was good, I think it's completely overrated, I thought Toy Story 2 was the best, but I don't hate this movie, but it was kinda dissapointing. - darthvadern

What, This Movie Is Awesome. - masoncarr2244

22 Cars

Take this off the list! - darthvadern

But this movie rocks! - darthvadern

Cars 3 is better - VideoGamefan5

23 Juno
24 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

The worst in the series, the first time I watched it, it was kinda good, but after watching it agian, I understand something, IT'S OVERRATED, it dosen't have the madagascar feel in it, this movie is so dissapointing because how the first two was and how meh this is, the circus is annoying, but the french woman is kinda okay. - darthvadern

25 The Good Dinosaur

This movie is underrated, it's so good! - darthvadern

This is a great movie - PeeledBanana

26 Citizen Kane

Deserves all of the praise it gets. A movie that every film buff needs to see. A masterpiece. Definitely a Top 50 greatest movie of all time. - ClimaxDome

27 Alice Through the Looking Glass
28 Noah
29 Fifty Shades of Grey

Who actually loved it?

30 James and the Giant Peach
31 Guardians of the Galaxy

Loved it!

32 Gone with the Wind

Deserves it's praise as well. Another movie every film buff needs to see. - ClimaxDome

33 Epic

So bad I almost want to burn this movie, the villian is annoying and characters are awful. - darthvadern

34 The Lego Movie
35 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure

People love this movie?

36 The Fate of the Furious The Fate of the Furious
37 The Emoji Movie
38 The Lego Batman Movie

A really overrated animated movie despite it being great, it has dull unoriginal humor, (mostly thanks to ROBIN, the only character I didn't like), he was also very inappropriate!, I mean his butt was showing!, - VideoGamefan5

39 Cool Cat Saves the Kids

Didn't know anyone loved this movie

40 Spider-Man 3

No One Loves This!, Morons! (No Offense Du) - VideoGamefan5

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