Top Ten Movies People Think You're Weird If You Don't Like


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1 Mean Girls

I don't like it - 445956

2 Clueless
3 A Cinderella Story
4 Finding Dory

I Hate This Movie, Its An Opinion, Deal With It, (No Offense, But If People Are Going To Say I Suck Just For Hating Finding Dory, Its Opinion Disrespecting) - VideoGamefan5

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5 The Duff
6 Hotel Transylvania

Unfunny Movie, I Don't Know Why People Like This? - VideoGamefan5

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7 Hotel Transylvania 2

Same thing As Hotel Transylvania - VideoGamefan5

8 Carrie (1976)
9 What a Girl Wants
10 Hulk (2003)

What a Stupid Movie In My Opinion - VideoGamefan5

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11 James and the Giant Peach

What A Lame Film, How Does This Crap have 93% On Rotten Tomatoes? , that's Another Reason I hate Rotten Tomatoes Website - VideoGamefan5

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12 She's All That
13 Shark Tale

The Animation Is Bad, In My opinion, It Looks Like a cheap Movie, Not from Dreamworks - VideoGamefan5

14 High School Musical

Annoying Film, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

15 Never Been Kissed
16 Teen Beach Movie

Annoying, And Lame, - VideoGamefan5

17 Zootopia

It's a decent movie, but that's it. Decent, not the absolute masterpiece that people claim it to be thanks to some fairly ham fisted messages. I noticed that this is a movie that over time, people really don't care much for, people who used to love it took issue with various parts, such as the villain's motive. All in all, when actually looked at and critiqued, this movie really isn't anything special. - kempokid

Frozen is an over 9000 times better than this generic buddy cop movie targeted at furries. - PerfectImpulseX

18 10 Things I Hate About You
19 Green Lantern

The CGI Costume Is Bad, And This Movie Is Bad - VideoGamefan5

20 Song of the Sea
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