Best Movies In Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This list compiles the greatest movies made in Marvel's second phase of films in their connected universe.

The Top Ten

1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie was perfection

It was the best of all

I really liked it, the best Captain America movie - darthvadern

I love this film, it is the best marvel in phase 1 and 2, the competition for the best marvel movie is its sequal civil war and homecoming

2 Guardians of the Galaxy

Such a good movie with awesomne effects - darthvadern

3 Ant-Man

I think Ant-Man should be first since it's very unique and entertaining and had great humour, also very exciting - darthvadern

This is top 3 for phase 2 - Triceratops

It should be number 3 - Triceratops

This should be #4 - PineconeFace

4 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Overrated in my opinion and not even that good, Ultron's plan made no sense and the action was just boring this time around - darthvadern

yes good

5 Iron Man 3

The much changed and improved

This movie was so dumb like why did iron man give his address to a terrorist it’s completely stupid - Gunner224

6 Thor: The Dark World

I only like this movie because of Loki

Bad movie honestly, confusing and boring action - darthvadern

Loki was hilarious

One of the Best Thor Movies but Malekith should have a mancunian accent, Darcy and the intern (someone with the surname Boothby) are really funny.

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