Top Ten Movies That Predicted the Future

Ok, so these movies probably didn't get EVERYTHING about the future right (which may or may not now be the present), but they did do a pretty decent job of predicting certain things about today's way of life. And given that this year is the very year that 'Back to the Future Part II' oh so famously showcased as the "future" setting, it seems only fitting to make this list in time to celebrate.

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1 Back to the Future Part II

Instead of hover boards, there are oxboards that never fly. You just wheel around.

Cubs won the World Series a year after 2015.

Don't forget. The first BTTF movie accidentally predicted 9/11.

I had to put this one in the top spot for many reasons. Firstly, I dedicated this list to this movie, basically, so that would have been a big stab in the back if I decided to not put this in first place. Of course, its common knowledge as to what this movie effectively predicted. Let's see how many I can name, shall we?

- giant flat screen televisions
- Skype-like video conferencing
- biometric scanners (iPhones can now scan thumbprints)
- high-quality 3D projection
- auto-stereoscopic 3D (3D without the use of glasses)
- a Major League team based in Miami (the Florida Marlins (formed in 1993) changed their name to the "Miami" Marlins in 2012)
- wireless, hands-free video gaming
- high-tech glasses (like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens)
- flying cars (sort of - AreoMobil, a company from Slovakia, has created a similar prototype)
- power laces (Nike, the company featured in the film, has made promises that they will be unveiling shoes ...more - BKAllmighty

2 Blade Runner

Technology is famous for being time-sensitive in the sense that what is new today can be considered obsolete tomorrow. The "replicants" of 'Blade Runner' are given 4 year lifespans. And while that's more time than what the average smart phone or computer of today is given (essentially), the premise remains intact. - BKAllmighty

3 A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick was right. There's been a lot of terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom in 2017. - LightningStrike

Rioting and crime isn't going away. Not even a little bit. And a future where it has basically overtaken even the most civilized of nations (in this instance, the U.K.) could very much be on the horizon. The ideas presented in this movie revolve, mainly, around an increase in crime amongst sociopaths, and today's society is seemingly an active breeding ground for people of this very sort. This is why harsher gun regulation laws need to be established, in my opinion, in the United States. - BKAllmighty

And what a movie, by the way. These were the most accurate predictions. People today wake up to be evil. - keyson

4 The Truman Show


Society has developed a really unhealthy love for reality programming. The shows that fall under the category of "reality T.V." usually have a less-than-savory premise and are filled with seedy characters that nobody would actually like in real life. However, "we" (as a society) still flock to our television and computer screens to watch the shows, anyway. - BKAllmighty

5 2001: A Space Odyssey

Robotic drones are now used as effective killing machines in the hands of the army (and other militant organizations). They may not be as self-aware as Hal was, but the idea that robots can make effective killers is evidently an accurate prediction made by this film. - BKAllmighty

6 Forbidden Planet

No, Robbie the Robot is not real. That's not what this movie predicted. What it DID predict, however, was that every person on the planet would eventually carry personal communication devices everywhere they go. Of course, we know just how true that prediction is, don't we? - BKAllmighty

7 Robocop (1987)

The idea of humans replacing missing limbs and damaged organs and bones with mechanical prosthetics isn't a new one, but RoboCop's prediction that we will, one day, be able to almost completely replace a living body with artificial appliances doesn't seem to far off, does it? This item is referring to the 1987 film, but the 2014 film does feature a scene where multiple subjects are testing newly-developed mechanical limbs that does seem very close to reality, also. - BKAllmighty

8 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The idea of erasing someone's memories of a particular event was featured in this movie as fiction. Well, apparently some scientists in the Netherlands have developed a procedure that can effectively remove traumatic memories from someone's mind. Sure, it won't solve your relationship issues, but I think forgetting about witnessing a murder is more important, anyways. - BKAllmighty

9 Minority Report

There is a scene featured in this movie that shows a series of advertisements in a shopping mall directly aiming themselves at Tom Cruise's character. Well, doesn't that sound a lot like online ads that make use of previous computer searches to affect which ads to display on your computer? - BKAllmighty

10 Videodrome

Certain internet sites allow for some really disturbing content to be posted. And people watch it. That's basically what this movie predicted. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Network
12 Idiocracy
13 2012

Guess what it never happened.

14 Bee Movie

What do you mean no?

i lik this

Bee movie. �'enough said.

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